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Anyone else really feel bad after eating sugar?

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I think I've discovered my main source of nausea: every time I eat something sugary without something else with it to counteract the sugar, I feel awful. I had been drinking Sprite to try to settle my stomach, but I always felt WORSE and headachey after drinking it. I finally noticed the correlation yesterday. I haven't had any sugar today and I feel so much better.


I am worried about what this means as far as GD. I did not have it with DD (she was 7 lbs even), but I also felt a lot better when I ate more protein and less carbs for her pregnancy. I didn't feel even close to this bad last time, though.


Any ideas, besides just avoiding sugar (which I definitely plan on doing)? At this point I do not think I will be able to handle the GD drink without throwing it up. I plan on talking to my OB about this at my next appointment (in about two weeks). I had midwife care last time around and was able to eat a special breakfast instead of drink the glucola. Maybe he'll let me do that again.


I'll be 13 weeks tomorrow.

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I would like to know how to avoid the glucola drink too! I guess declining the test is an option but I don't know if I want to do that yet...


My ob/gyn practice had me do a test at my first prenatal (they said they now do it twice, beginning of pregancy and 28 weeks) and I was already nauseous but that drink took me over the top. I have changed my diet since the last pregnancy and now eat a grain-free paleo type diet so I barely passed (126, 130 is passing I was told). I'm pretty certain that's because I'm not used to handling such a sugar surge in my system.


A friend of mine had such bad nausea during the entire pregnancy that she could not keep the glucola drink down even at 28 weeks, so her ob/gyn had her use a glucose meter for a few days to prick her finger several times a day while eating her regular foods so I am hoping to propose doing that at 28 weeks instead. I would love to take the test after eating a regular breakfast though, I am switching to a midwife so maybe I will ask her.

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Sugar triggers my GERD and I don't like having erosive esophagitis, so I tend to avoid my triggers.  I declined the GTT last time (I have issues with the accuracy, anyhow).  I started keeping track of my blood sugar sometime in the second trimester.  Turns out my blood sugar was horribly low all the time, so I had to start eating more and more often, which helped with my nausea.  Since regular blood glucose testing is far more accurate than forcing a sugary drink down my throat, my care provider didn't object.


Test strips aren't cheap, but blood glucose meters can be had for fairly little.  Lancets aren't that pricey, either.  And there's the option of declining, but traditional care providers often object.  I didn't want to fight about it, so I just took the initiative and started testing myself.

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Yes. I'm sure that it's because it makes my blood sugar spike and then drop. I can't tolerate any sugar at all, and any carbohydrates MUST be in extreme moderation and eaten at the same time as a lot of protein. Normally, my body thrives on a lower level of protein and eating too much protein makes my digestion sluggish and I feel ill. This pregnancy I feel like I'm on the Atkins diet!

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all sugar AND CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm a pastry chef - this makes life exceptionally difficult! we had to make 1150 chocolate mousse towers when i was about 9 weeks - dear god the smell and the having to taste it ugh!!! my stomach turns at the rememberance of it!!!!!

I didn't realize specifically that sugar was the trigger - my mom figured it out! I SOOOO didnt want to believe - she made me drink a sprite when I  was feeling fine and within 10 minutes I was feeling wretched!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm craving veggies so much!!! Meat is disgusting unless its bacon or chicken and even then only small amounts!! Loving the legumes and lentils (which might be a legume?) and tofu!!!!!!!!! my DH(a chef) just shakes his head and sighs dramatically when I look at dinner and pull out a container of vegan soup from my sister!!! she had been my food saviour the last couple months! no matter how bad I feel dinner at her house is always a eat everything in front of me night lol!!

I was in South Africa for a month and their meat substitutes are much nicer than the ones here - i miss them so much!!

Especially the Chink'n tenders and fingers!!!!!!! yummy!! Now I want them again yummy.gif

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You know, I'd wondered about that myself.  I seem to be able to handle natural sugars (like fruit) just fine, but processed sugars make my tummy queasy.  Everyone kept telling me it's just because I'm not eating anything with the sugars, but it doesn't seem to help much.  I had this problem with my second pregnancy too, but I tested negative for gestational diabetes, so maybe there's hope.

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I had a TON of sugar yesterday- kid's christmas party and then a baby shower in the afternoon... I had a headache all day long. I'm finally starting to crave vegetables and REAL food again, so I'm really going to try to lay off the sugar from now on. But those cupcakes were really good :-)

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sugar usually makes me feel icky and depressed. but it isnt now. as long as it is just sugar and not too much at a time. i cant drink soda. i cant eat fruit either but i couldnt before pregnancy so whatever. i am craving hot cocoa. as long as i buy a certain kind, make it a little weak, and dont put whip cream on it, i am fine. but that is more sugar than i could stand before pregnancy and even 3 weeks ago. so far this afternoon i have eaten 4 chocolate chip cookies, a homemade hummus and bread sandwich with cucumbers, a turkey sandwich with mayo cheese and pickles, a large glass of rrl and chamomile tea, a leftover porkchop, 2 celery sticks dipped in ranch cream cheese, and then 3 mini chocolate chip cookies. i still want to get up and either make a cup of cocoa or another sandwich. it is like this everyday until bedtime.

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Too much sugar/carbs definitely has a negative effect on me shortly after consumption. I had been eating low-carb/paleo-ish before I got pregnant, but unfortunately, I haven't been able to stand the thought of cooking since getting preggo. Also, what I had been eating is now quite unappealing to me, so I've been eating quite a bit of junk. I've been monitoring my blood sugar off-and-on, and it's been... okay. Not diabetic territory, but not what I want to see. Hopefully, I'll be able to get my eating back to normal, since I'm heading out of the first trimester.


I like the idea of refusing the glucola test on the grounds that I'm already monitoring my blood sugar. For those who are low-carb, I've heard that passing the test can require a 3-day carb-up beforehand, so if I'm back to low-carb by then, I won't want to take the test.

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