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I could resize it but I don't think it's that bad.  I think the black and white makes it look more artsy fartsy and disguises the fact that it's a fat girl in sweats in front of a crib.  >D

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Ninetails, you don't look fat. You are showing a little though!  :)

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I can tell that some of it is bump now because I can't fold it in half anymore.  ROTFLMAO.gif


I am pretty lucky in that I tend to gain weight all over so I look fairly proportionate.  Except for that butt.  orngbiggrin.gif


I'm telling my boss and co-workers today, and not a moment too soon.  I had two patrons ask me about it on Saturday.

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Good luck with the announcement!
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Hope the annoucement went well, Ninetales!   Love all the new photos.  


Andaluza, I got inspired by your comparison pictures so now that I hit 9 weeks, and because my DP said he thought he might be able to see a little baby...I did a comparison photo set as well. 


I can tell in the comparison shot that I'm getting a little baby belly!  


5-7-9 weeks.jpg

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Wow veritas - sooooo small. My midwife said because of my fibroid - my uterus is 22 weeks in size - NOT 12. huh.gif

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I love all the bellies here.  You ladies all look beautiful, whether it is baby or fibroid. I was just looking through the belly thread on my sister's DDC and they're all 26-30 weeks.  Sooo cute.

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12 weeks today.


Decided to join in on the fun. It's hard to take a picture of yourself. I'm going to have my sister take some of me when she's here. She really likes taking pictures.

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My partner keeps saying I look the same as before to him, but I think my belly has changed at least a little... So we're going to get some big paper/posterboard and I'm going to try to have him trace my torso in profile each week to see if there's been any change. 

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I'm so envious!  I'm very happy for you guys, but man I wish I could pop!  I'm almost 11 weeks with my 4th, and I have thickened in the hips, but no pop yet. :(  If it wasn't for little bouts of movement I get, I would think I'm not even pg.  We hopefully will be hearing the heartbeat in 3-4 weeks when we start prenates, with an u/s closer to 20 weeks.

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How exciting that some of you are showing, great pictures.  

Still can't see anything really on mine.  I have 2 pictures I need to post up, one taken at 9 weeks another taken at 13 weeks.  

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You ladies should post the pictures and let us decide.  LOL

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IMAG0398.jpg12 weeks

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LOL seeing all your photos is making me realize I'm not showing AT ALL. Honestly, I just look... fat. irked.gif I look like I did when I was 20lbs heavier than I am. 





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Beautiful baby bumps! I'll have to get my 13 week photo, from yesterday, up on here soon.
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eleuthia- that is such an awesome idea!!


Veritas- I wish I had done belly shots when I was pregnant with Jewel because I started off (almost as) tiny as you. That smallness dind't happen again for me with the other babies, but I don't like to work out and you actually do. before you know it you guys will be the ones that are 26-30 weeks.

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here I am at about 11 weeks with twins.


at the moment, e.g. 2 weeks since I took this, photo I just look like I have a little bit more bloating or a pooch.. last pregnancy I didn't really look pregnant till about 17/18 weeks so I'll be curious if this one is earlier or later.


11 weeks pregnant with twins.

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So this is 13 weeks (01/29). It defiantly doesn't do justice to how big I look in the mirror. This shirt just didn't show off the bump! 

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I also love seeing faces to go with the names!!

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13 weeks today :) Kind of smaller than the other pic... but I think that was because it was evening, I was bloated and my clothes showed more. This is a more accurate assessment of my belly :)





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