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Big belly, and my legs and arms look skinny by comparison.


me too.


I am caving this pregnancy and ordering myself some maternity clothes, I have too many work related events and speaking engagements to get by on DHs pajama pants like I did with DS pregnancy.

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Arcane and DesertSunsets, your photos are beautiful.  


It seems to me that the part of my belly that is sticking out is not low enough to be baby. When I look at these pictures, it seems my love handles and breasts are the only parts really growing. Here is my comparison shot with my newest photo. It turns out the 9 week belly was due to constipation blush.gif


5-7-9-11 weeks.jpg

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lol.. what I am about to show you is REALLY a 14 week belly. It may look 24 weeks - but I promise it's only 14.


Prepare yourselves.



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LOVE all the new pics, ladies!  Lookin' great!


Ok!  Here's my first belly pic post, taken a couple of weeks ago at 12w4d.... Hopefully I'll get something more current up this weekend!



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Originally Posted by Veritas Vitae View Post
It seems to me that the part of my belly that is sticking out is not low enough to be baby.

I think it counts as a baby belly if the baby is displacing things! Though, now that I know where my uterus is, I do feel a bit silly rubbing the upper part of my belly!

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eleuthia - I've been doing the same thing, rubbing the upper part and the sides of my belly (enjoying it's roundness!) and then realizing "oh wait, this babe is only the size of an orange (not a melon, yet!), and it's down there....."

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Here's almost 11 weeks compared to almost 15 weeks. I know that it's not a good comparison because of different positioning but I'm definitely showing more now, at least.



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Originally Posted by NewMumJoy View Post

eleuthia - I've been doing the same thing, rubbing the upper part and the sides of my belly (enjoying it's roundness!) and then realizing "oh wait, this babe is only the size of an orange (not a melon, yet!), and it's down there....."

I keep telling my boys that very thing! They think the baby is already so huge, b/c I am!! I can understand their confusion, sometimes I think the same thing!

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I always rub the top of my belly, too.  It's all firm and feels like a real pregnant belly.  The bottom part, where the baby actually is, is still all flabby and unpleasant.  So I pretend.

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My husband has been pushing for weekly pictures and I usually indulge him but I really don't have any pictures that I'd care to share yet.  I guess I'm just in that early pregnancy stage that just looks like I've put on a little extra weight.  Honestly, I knew it was going to happen, but I'm a little sad to see my thickening waist.  It's silly, I know, and I doubt anyone else would notice.


Also, when I'm thinking about the baby, I usually rub in the area where I think (from the last US)) the baby is hanging out.  But I find myself rubbing, what I assume is, my poor displaced intestines most of the time because, oddly, that feels more satisfying/soothing right now.  Hey, my intestines could use some love, too.

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Love the snow picture. And lactomom, you are really showing!!

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I will be 13 weeks tomorrow, but I too am only looking fat and frumpy, not really pregnant yet. But I'm loving looking at your pg pics! winky.gif

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keuriweo - you're right - our bodies could also use some love!  I can feel the bean moving so I tend to rub there when I feel it but also enjoy the side rub when just for the fun.


lactomom - wow! you look great; such an amazing change.


I felt like this week has been the first week where I look pregnant instead of just a bit heavy.  Of course, next week I have a job interview and I would like to look a bit heavy and not pregnant so thankfully it is still hide-able under clothes.


I did find a ton of great maternity clothes at goodwill this week, including what I am certain will be my new favorite pants.  Motherhood brand, stretch, black, mix between work and relax pants with little tabs on the sides to adjust with the belly.  They are form fitting everywhere and feel fabulous.  That I only paid $5 makes them all the better!

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Im 15w1d today.. excuse my boob was hanging out a little so I covered it for every ones viewing pleasure because I was too lazy to take a new photo :)


I feel like I really popped this week.. I think I looked about this pregnant around week 20-22 of my last pregnancy.. so bring on the maternity clothes please.



15 weeks.. eeeeek.

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Wow you really popped out! You look adorable. And I totally LOL at the flower!! lol.gif

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So cute ithappened!
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I know.. its quiet the pop.. I think its a combo of being sick and not running and then hitting 15/16 weeks with twins.. Im just scared what 40 weeks is going to look like.

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Here's me from last week.  Not a particularly good picture, but it's my first time wearing my maternity workout tank, so that's awesome.  Also, my arms look gigantic here, which I don't think is really the case.  The weird thing is I that looked at the belly this morning and it was smaller than this.  It really seems to depend on when I've eaten, hydration levels, etc.  Sometimes I'm really popping and other times I just look normal but with less of a waist.  Also, maternity clothes make it pop out like crazy.  I wonder if that's intentional....



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I enjoy this thread, and perhaps someday I will post a photo.  I'm 13 weeks today, and I have lost both weight and inches since becoming pregnant.  My regular clothes fit better than they have in months, and I feel great. I'm not sick, just trying to eat better.  This happened last time too - I'm a bit overweight, so it's nothing to worry about, but I'm going backwards in the baby bump department.  I really am looking forward to when I start to show, but judging from what's going on right now, I am several weeks away at least!

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LilyTiger - I just tried on maternity clothes for the first time over the weekend.... boy were they ever so comfortable, but whoa they definitely bring out that 'preggers' look!  Not that I mind that.....yet...


ithappened - LOVE the flower "cover up" there, LOL!

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