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Its not that much earlier really. But I'm not sure why, from what I've read it has to do w the fact that their lungs have fully matured and some studies indicate 37wks to be the peak of development for twins. There's some evidence that twins born after 37wks have lower APGAR scores, birth weights, etc. 5.5 lbs is the average weight for a full term twin. I think NICU time is usually related to lung maturity (if oxygen is needed, etc) and their ability to feed on their own. It looks like how far past 37wks a twin mom is 'allowed' to go is often dependent on the OB. Some will really push to induce by 38wks if you aren't already showing signs of labor.

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I'm not sure if I've shared yet or not, but here's one from today at 32 weeks :)


32 Weeks

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OMG ithappened!!  That means you'll be having those babies VERY SOON!!!  Just a few short weeks!!!


Tizzy - love the silhouette!

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Tizzy, I LOVE your photo!

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Here's the view from the top at 33 weeks tomorrow.  My shirt doesn't really look that linty in real life, I swear.  :)



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Lilytiger - I had the same issue when I was videoing the dramatic elbows/knees/feet flipping everywhere. Every little piece of lint showed up lol
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NICU time is determined by how well they do after birth, basically.  Some ages are going to be a NICU stay no matter what (anything under 35 weeks), but after you hit that 35 week mark it's more up to the baby.  I have seem 35 weekers go to full term nursery, and I have seen 38 weekers come to NICU.  It has nothing to do with weight, either.  Big babies can do badly and small babies can be fine.  If you get to 36 weeks you're probably in the clear.  At 37 weeks you almost certainly are.  You haven't mentioned any underlying health problems, so I'm guessing your babies are healthy and growing well in there, so they should come out at term and go right home with you.

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I think with twins Feral at least here- they like to hang the NICU thing over you to make you aware of it but also to pressure you into things- at least it feels that way, esp at a 'learning hospital' which is so heavily attached to the medical school here.. its really unsettling at times

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Yeah. they do that here too.  Which is why I'm not delivering at the hospital I work for, but at the one in the system that the NICU nurses consider the "bad and dangerous" hospital.  It has the lowest c/s rate in the state, doesn't even have an official NICU, and is staffed entirely by midwives.

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yeah that sounds like the hospital I have birth to DS1 in.. I loved it.. Im really sad to not be going back there..

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35/36w with fraternal twins


I just woke up, sorry for the look on my face but I'm always forgetting to take these so I thought I would while I still remembered.. I think Im about 36w today. . crazy !

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Here I am at 8 weeks and 30 weeks.  I can no longer see my toes when looking straight down.



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Here's me at 33.5 weeks.  Getting big.

(Ugh, I totally can't figure out how to flip this.  I hate technology.)




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I haven't commented on here in a while, but I just wanted to say that you all look so great!

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I think this may be one of the few pictures of me I didn't take. 30w3d


I think this may be one of the only pictures of me I didn't take. 30w3d...

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RedTree - I absolutely love your green shirt :)

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ah I love seeing pregnant women in exercise gear going out for a workout!

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Okay, I put together me from 15-30 weeks. For some reason, 30 weeks pic (which is now) is kinda screwy looking... butttt hey. Andddd let's ignore my hair today. Hot mess. Lol.


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I was just about to say I LOVE your tank today and your hair orngbiggrin.gif


Everyone is looking so healthy and beautiful.. what a good looking DDC I have treehugger.gif

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Oh, well thanks! Lol. I didn't do my hair today (um, wayyyyyyyyyyy too hot!! Lol) so it feels like a hot mess to me cause it's supa straight. But FYI, if anyone likes that tank (and I've probably said this alreayd, but I really like them!)... I have them in like 900 colors, and I absolutely LOVE them all. So comfy cause of the ruching on the side. They're at Old Navy and they're inexpensive!




All you ladies seriously look so awesome! It's amazing to me to see the difference in everyone's bodies. Crazy!


Ithappened: I think we look almost the same belly size, but you have 2 sweet little babies in there... amazing!

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