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Bikini time!




32 weeks!

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34 Weeks! 


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Such cute bellies Penny and Liz!

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Looking fabulous, Penny and Liz!


Here's a few recent ones. The top is last week, at 32 weeks, in front of my bike (could not have lived without it this pregnancy!).

The second one is from the other day at 33 weeks. Yikes, I've got quite the flip-flop tan going on, and it's only the beginning of July...


32 weeks.JPG


33 weeks.JPG

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This isn't a great belly shot, but if you look hard you can see it hanging down there.  Back squat at 35.5 weeks.Belly 35 Weeks.jpg

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penny I LOVE your swimsuit.. where'd you find it?


Lily- Im totally impressed bow.gif

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I found the bikini at Sears - I can't remember the brand.  It was in one of those mix/match sections - the bottoms that were apparently supposed to go with the top were WAY too skimpy for me!


HOLY CRAP LILY TIGER.  That photo is AMAZING.  My friend writes the blog Fit and Feminist and she just wrote a post about female weightlifting...would you mind if I shared your photo with her?

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ithappened, I don't even want to hear it!  You're still climbing mountains with twinsies!


Penny, I'd be honored!  I've started to become more militant about spreading the word that pregnancy is not a disease AND that lifting is really good for women.  So on both those notes, her blog looks awesome!  This is a pretty light squat, for what it's worth, but it still makes me feel cool.  mischievous.gif

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go Lily! Damn chicky!

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not to totally scare all of you but maybe if you are feeling huge, these will help you feel better ...



here I am at 38w with the twins..  (sorry I have some dark veins on my stomach!)


38 weeks with fraternal twins..

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Ithappened - you are Gorgeous!  Amazing and really... just beautiful. 


And Lily - hardcore!  Awesome!

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OMG!!  You all look amazing!!!  love.gif

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Originally Posted by NewMumJoy View Post

OMG!!  You all look amazing!!!  love.gif

Yes! You look great! In fact, you all do! Very lovely mamas!

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About 35 weeks.

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about 34.5 weeks. my belly button keeps getting shallower every day. 

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You all look amazing!


Penny - Yay for bikini time! I love the suit, so cute!

Sarah - I am SO envious of your bike! I want one like it. :)

Lily - Amazing! How did you start lifting? I've done more dynamic movement w weights but could never really get into olympic weight lifting. (Is that what it's called?)

Ithappened - Wow, mama! You look great. And I have to second Lily's comment, still so active w 2 healthy term babies in there. You rock!

Ninetales - Your pic is so sweet! Beautiful belly and Elsa looks like she's going to be a great big sis. :)

Eleuthia - Me too! I keep waiting for my belly button to pop but it just keeps shrinking. DH is always asking if it hurts because the skin looks a little angry.

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Here are a few of our new ones from last night.  They aren't nearly as awesome as LilyTiger's.



My belly button has always been rather shallow, so it has been flat for quite a while, but I don't think there is enough for it to ever pop out-





Knitting a hat for our little girl.  She started kicking--


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Looking good, everyone! love.gif

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Ah, I love all these pics - you all look so great!


Here I am at 37 wks!  Baby has dropped and now even my underwear fits really weird (pants are out of the question - I'm down to 2 skirts to wear for the next 2 weeks, otherwise I'm in a nightie all day around the house)!!



(and no I don't have paint smudges on myself, it's the grimy antique mirror....)

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Oh, wow NewMum! I'd most definitley say she's dropped! And can I just say... I am miserable today in jean capris. I have NO idea why I thought wearing these to work were a good idea. I'm literally going to leave work early because I'm so damn uncomfortable. irked.gif

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