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Everyone looks so darn good.  Seeing all the growing bellies has been really fun.  Andaluza, the first picture is amazing!  Frame it and put it on your wall!

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Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful Mamas!!!  All of you!!  love.gif

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Andaluza, gorgeous!  Lily, you look so pretty in the yellow!  Everyone looks so great.  


And to think, that at the beginning of this journey I couldn't wait to see all these pictures of big beautiful bellies and now I just can't wait to check in here and see pictures of babies!  Funny how life is. 


Took some belly pictures ourselves last night, and I imagine we have a few more photo shoots in us before ours arrives since I'm only 36 weeks.  Anyway, here they are: 










This little duck toy was a gift from my parents, they bought him in Amsterdam! 

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I love all the bellies! Great pics mamas. :)


Andaluza - Your pics turned out so well! The setting is lovely and you look so beautiful.


Lily - You look great! You should put all your work bathroom shots into timelapse for fun. :)


Desertsunsets - Beautiful belly! I love the ducky toy.


Here are a couple DH took on our Sunday beach day. 38wks large! :)





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So wonderful....everyone looks beautiful!!!!! 

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oh wow! Everyone is looking so beautiful!!!

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Here I am at 39 weeks, from the side and the back. :) My clothes really don't fit anymore. 


400    400


All of you mamas look great! I love our big, beautiful bellies!

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First photo I'm sharing - 38 weeks today (well, according to the midwives, according to me, I'm 38+3)

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Ahh, all these cute bellies, and now we have cute babies too!


Here I am at 37w2d


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Almost 39 weeks.




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Today is my due date! This may or may not be my last belly photo!




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We took photos on campus yesterday (the only place in Tucson with green things!). At lunch I got my first "you're going to pop" comment, when I saw the pictures my mom took I understood why--


(37 weeks!)











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DesertSunsets - your photos are so beautiful and loving they brought me to tears.  Partly hormones of course, but in light of all the nonsense with Chick-Fil-A, the idea of discriminating against loving couples because they are the same sex seems all the more tragic when viewing photos like these. Thank you so so much for sharing. 

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Thanks 1stTimeMama, now you're going to make me cry!  I'm happy to have at least one more set of photos with me and DW, since she is the one who usually takes the photos of me!


I'm not going to open the big can of worms about Chick-Fil-A, except to say that I wish some people understood how hard it is to not take it personally.  But we are a family and they can't actually take that away from us. 


All of the beautiful bellies are exciting, it seems like last week we were all saying "it's a baby, not chub, I swear!" Its even more exciting watching the baby photo thread!  I hope everyone is doing well!

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Your family is already beautiful, but it will be even more so soon!

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We went to the renaissance faire this weekend, so here I am at 39 weeks and a couple of days, with my giant husband.  I bought this dress my very first year at this faire (2005) back when I was skinny and childless.  I couldn't believe it when I put it on, just for giggles, and discovered that it fits over my pregnant belly!

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38 weeks!  Clearly it's time to clean the bathroom mirror.


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Penny, your hair is divine! You look like a birthing goddess! Glad your bp has been back to normal!!

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Everyone is looking so wonderful! It's so exciting to see how the bellies are looking so close to the end.I need to take a new picture now that I'm "overdue." Somehow, I feel really small now, must be because he is lower?! 

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 Me, yesterday, at 39 weeks, 1 day with little man H.  Hoping to meet him soon!

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