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DesertSunsets, I love, love, love that last photo. It's so candid and intimate.  I hope you frame it!!

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I went hiking with my sis and nieces today. Here I am at 38 weeks, with my littlest niece.


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VV - I LOVE your belly!

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Thanks, Poppy...I was actually really sad that evening because I was having such a good hair day and it was totally wasted on bed rest lol.gif

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Everyone looks awesome!


Lol, Penny! I felt the same way the other day. Great hairday and all I had planned was scrubbing base boards. :P You look great!


VV, I'm jealous of your hike. It looks like so much fun! How does it feel to be holding 2 babies? I think it'd be a light bulb moment for me. :)


Thandiwe - What a great spot for a picture! In full bloom. :D

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Hopefully this is my last belly photo! 


39 weeks in the nursery-

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Beautiful, DesertSunsets!

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Great pic, Desert. I love the nursery!
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Amazing picture and nursery, Desert! Is that Hedwig? :)

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Thanks!  It isn't specifically Hedwig, but HP is definitely one of our guilty pleasures!  That and Labyrinth, so we like the snowy owl all around.  My mom made the owl and the ceramic ring and mounted a remote-controlled moon lamp in the middle.  She thinks our DD will be a night owl like I was (and I tend to agree since that is when she is most active).

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