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If DH could carry this baby for just 24 hours.....

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I would spend 12 of it in a hot tub, followed by at least an hour in the sauna. Eating sushi drinking really good microbrew beer. I'd take numerous IB proufens to relieve all the muscle pain I have and then go for a full body massage with hot stones. I'd stay up till 3 am chatting with friends and then come home and sleep on my belly. All night long- without having to get up and pee. And then the next morning I'd get up and eat runny eggs for breakfast and drink 6 cups of coffee and get a bunch of stuff done.

Then he could give the baby back to me, and Id gladly stay pregnant for 8 more weeks.
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I'd hand him my bucket so he could walk around ready to puke all the time.... and I would eat, and eat, and eat.


I'd have a hard time letting him give the baby back, though.  I don't think 24 hours of relief will be enough for me.  greensad.gif





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AdelinesMom, hahaha yeah, if only we could hand them off for a while, that would be nice...not only for the relief, but to give our partners a chance to understand how it feels! (yeah, while were at it, maybe give them a chance to experience ten minutes of labor when we need a rest!!)


But you know....you actually CAN have a lot of those things you mentioned! I'm actually going for a sushi fest this weekend (for my birthday). It's a highly critically acclaimed place, I've known the people who run it for years and because I know them, know that their fish comes from the actual fish market, EVERY day, etc....I feel comfortable going. I've been eating very little sushi this pregnancy (as compared to my last two) because that place is the only place I'll get it and it feels SO far away with two kids in tow.....but for my birthday, I'm going to go and gorge myself....and I WILL have a beer on my birthday on tuesday, my brothers own special brew (he brews beer professionally) (organically brewed beer is full of things that are really good for your body).....and you can get a pregnancy massage....and you can have a bath...I know it's not a hot tub, but you can still soak in a warm tub!!


...oh, and runny eggs...girl, DO IT! Do you have chickens? If not, find a farm, get some "just laid" eggs and go to town, lady. I've been eating fried eggs like nobody;s business. It is ESPECIALLY good for PG ladies to eat eggs and the yolk being undercooked is a plus, because you're getting FANTASTIC nutrient value that way. I listen for my chickens to sing their egg songs all day....when I hear it, I send my DD running to the coop to scoop up the warm eggs and fry them up right on the spot. Three minute old eggs are DELICIOUS! Nice and golden and beautiful.


Get some farm eggs. Get some sushi. Drink a microbrew......and love being pregnant at the same time.

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I totally agree with BroodyWoodsgal! Go have a microbrew, eat some sushi, gobble up those runny eggs (is that even a thing? I had no idea), have a cup of coffee and go in the hot tub until you don't feel good any more. All of these things are fine once in a while, IMO, especially when you're that far along (most of the prohibitions only apply in the first trimester).


Of course, this doesn't help with the sleeping-on-your-belly thing...sorry about that!

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That's exactly what I was thinking, too!  Eat you some sushi, have yourself a beer, a good hot soak (know anyone with a hot tub?  My friend's hot tub isn't much hotter than a bathtub if it isn't actively running the jets), I've already had one lovely massage, and I'll be going back when I'm further along. 


And I absolutely agree about the runny eggs - I've been having them regularly.  But I do get farm fresh eggs. 


Can't help you with the solid night's sleep though - haven't had one of those in over 2 years.  I will say that I always got far better sleep on the couch in late pg than in the bed - I could rearrange the cushions to be totally supportive, the slope of the back was perfect for resting my belly on, etc.  Far better than my flat bed. 

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At 39 weeks, 5 days I'm pretty sure DH would say "You're off your nut!" if it were possible and I proposed a 24-hour switch. He'd probably suspect that I was going into labour and trying to sucker him into having to endure THAT for me, LOL! Maybe in the summer, he could have taken part of the day at the water slide park so I wouldn't have been too scared to try that out with the kids. Oh, and the night before that on the hard ground in the tent... I really wasn't interested in hearing about his back that morning!

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I think mine would be thrilled. I would probably have a hard time getting the baby back from him. 


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Originally Posted by NinaBruja View Post

I think mine would be thrilled. I would probably have a hard time getting the baby back from him. 



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I love this idea, so I'm bumping the thread.


I would have two hoppy west coast IPA's, then maybe some sushi and then at some point some heavy deadlifting.  The last part sounds weird, but I've been too chicken to lift super heavy so far.  Sigh.  But really, the IPAs are the major hole in my life.  I love them so much.  :(

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I might not get mine back after 24 hours either, though I may be going into early labor right now... so maybe he'd hand him back ASAP!


I would eat a turkey club of indeterminate origins.  I would drink RUM!  Oh Rum how I miss you.  I'd go skinny dipping in the dirty lake (yes even in January).  I would sleep on my stomach like Rip Van Winkle, in fact after a quick dip in the lake followed by some hot-tubbing--give me that sandwich and a rum & coke in bed!  Heaven.

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im feelin ya on the sleeping on the stomach-my favorite position! cant get any rest tossing from side to side with this belly. And sleeping the whole night through with no waking up to pee.....i miss the good ol' days! wishing i could find the energy to get a bunch of stuff done too! Hang in there AdalinesMamahug2.gif

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