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Appearance of intact penis

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I've always been curious if my toddler's foreskin is normal in appearance-- what I mean is when I see videos and such online, the circular tip of the foreskin looks somewhat smooth and round.  My son's (2.5) foreskin looks very jagged along the edges, and when he is flacid it almost looks more like a slit than a circle.  I  have not looked closer when he's erect to see if it smooths out, because I'm usually too busy telling him that's private, go take some private time in your room! 


He is able to retract himself, I've seen it in the bath, but I've never touched his foreskin beyond wiping the outside when dirty. 


Is the jagged appearance when not erect normal?  I remember it looking this way from a fairly early age, as long as I can remember. 

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My son's older than yours, almost 3 1/2, but his anatomy sounds pretty close to the way you described your sons'. His penis usually looks like an anteaters' snout, really narrow at the tip and wrinkly so that it looks almost ragged, the way you described. I've only seen him "happy" once or twice, but those are the only times that I can honestly say he looked anything like the pictures. 

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Totally, totally, totally normal. There is as much variation in children's foreskin appearance as in adults'. For that matter, there's also wide normal variation in flaccid angle of the penis ("angle of the dangle", as they say); thinness or thickness of the foreskin -- some reveal the shape of the glans clearly, others not at all, most in-between; and even the location, thickness and appearance of the dorsal side veins through the penis shaft and foreskin (some guys have more in the middle, some more on the sides, some have what looks like a "knot", some fan out like a "V" on the foreskin and some do not). The foreskin is just one more component of the great variation in this area.

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Thank you!  of course, right after I posted I noticed him retracting a bit when he was about to use the bathroom, and it was much smoother when retracting.  So it sounds right that it's just the extra slack when not tight.  I was just hoping he didn't have some traumatic retraction/damage I didn't know about!  Everyone who's ever watched him knows not to retract, but it's easy to worry over everything.


Thanks again!

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