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Bummis superbrites Laundry tabs-- Scratching baby?

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The title pretty much says it. I pulled out our NB stash of bummis prefolds and superbrites covers, and DH went to put it on, and flat out refused because the aplix laundry tab on the inside looks like it's going to rub horribly on DD's skin. How do people get around this? We were just going to lay the prefold flat and be done with it, since people seem to say for this stage that is sufficient, but it doesn't give any protection against the aplix. And the prefolds really do look too small to wrap and snappi properly. 


Any suggestions? I'd hate not to be able to use these covers, but I can't stand the thought of them rubbing on her skin. 

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Hi there, the nice thing about the way the laundry tabs are designed on the Bummis wraps is that it's the softer part of the velcro inside the cover that would be against your baby. I haven't yet used the newborn size of these covers (although I'm VERY excited to use them on the little one in my belly!) but I can tell you that my toddler at the top of the weight range (so he definitely has the laundry tabs against him) has never once complained about them bothering him. He's 2.5 years old and definitely tell me when there is something wrong. From burning diaper rash to me putting the wrap on too tight, he lets me know. I hope you find that a bit reassuring. One suggestion I have though if you're still concerned is trying the "bikini twist" with the prefold. That should keep the soft cotton of your prefold against your baby rather than the wrap itself. It'll take a few tries to get comfortable with it but it's a perfect fold for containing runny newborn poop with no snappi required! Here's a link to a diagram that will show you how: http://www.bummis.com/media/prefold-foldingcp1.pdf?0001-4630dd4e-4c21028b-f08f-585ba977


Good luck and congratulations on the new little one!

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we never had any issue with the laundry tabs scratching either. we didnt have newborns, but i used smalls and mediums, and it was all good smile.gif
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Thanks ladies. I put one on her last night and it looks like it might be a bit red, but not as bad as we thought. |Hard to tell on the already pink newborn skin! I'm just glad to be able to use them!

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You're going to love them! Promise :)

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