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Crafty Mama's!

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So I know we have lots of crafty mama's in our DDC...thought we could have a spin off of our other thread.

I sew, quilt, crochet:) I'm a newbie knitter and I started spinning with a drop spindle this year. I'm also going to start dyeing my own wool/roving. I'm really excited about that!!


I'm working on Christmas projects right now but once I start making stuff for this kiddo I'll post some pics...hoping we could all do the same!


I have some of the things I've made here in this FB album:) I'm a bit of a geek.... LOL


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ok those are insanely good. I am trying to get started with quilting...any tips??

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Originally Posted by flavorfull1 View Post

ok those are insanely good. I am trying to get started with quilting...any tips??

Meant to say Thank you!!! I got so caught up with my love of quilting that I forgot to say it! LOL


I started with strip quilts. I found it easy to piece large pieces rather than get to finicky, iykwim? If you can find a walking foot for your machine, you can top quilt straight lines instead of free handing it. I found it very straight forward. Get a great book..Like Readers Digest Guide to Quilting. I really like it and it gives you all the details you need. I like to mix colour...the more the merrier...the one great thing about doing a strip quilt with the same size pieces is that you can lay out the pieces and see what looks pleasing to the eye before you piece it. You can also do large blocks- rectangles and squares.  Practice piecing straight edged pieces on your machine before the real thing as you need to make sure you have the same seam allowance down the entire piece or it doesn't lie flat once you've ironed it out. Oh and start small! Baby quilt:) xo Julie

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wow, Your crafting puts mine to shame. I also want to start quilting. I'll post some of my favorite projects and post new projects as I start them..later though since the kids want to go outside

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I been trying my skills at sewing and even teaching my youngest.  So far I made some burp cloths for my SIL's shower gift and a dozen baby wipes so far.  I'm planning on making more wipes, a zippered wet wipes bag, burp cloths, a blanket and a play mat.  I hope I can finish it all!  I've also did some iron-on's on some onesies.  The other day I applied silver angel wings to the front of my moby wrap and it looks so awesome for our little Earth angel <3


I also have a birthing self portrait I need to start working on again.  It's been hanging unfinished since we lost Ollie but my inspiration is slowly coming back to make more progress on it.  I'm actually excited to start again as I really feel a deep connection with my baby while I paint...it's very meditative.  It was while I was painting it that Ollie told me he was a boy and there was no doubt in my mind.


I would really like to dye our Amby hammock and some baby clothes but I don't know if I will get to it.  Everything I've read about using dye seems like so much work, especially to get bold colors like I want.

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Hey there! So I am mainly a knitter, but I can crochet and I am starting to do a little sewing. I am currently working on knitting a blanket for this new one and I should have enough yarn to make a hat and maybe even some booties to go with it.  I'm knitting the Purl Bee Chevron blanket but I'm using a different yarn then they suggest and one less color. So far I am loving it!  I have 1 1/2 stripes of color to go before it's done and then I'll post a picture. It'll probably be done this weekend or the beginning of next week.  I'm not sure if  I'll have any time to make anything else. I think I'm going to try to sew some shirts for the new baby, but we'll see.  My husband's clean laundry is currently all over my sewing desk and I have a wedding present for my friend and her wife that I still haven't finished, so I should probably do that first!

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I am hopeless at yarn arts, but I love to sew and even tho I haven't done much of it the past few years, i am starting to get excited about making things for this baby. A good friend of mine purchased 100 yards of really nice knit fabric (bamboo modal, I think) to start a business, and i told her i would be her dyer if she got dye (which she then did) so even tho we haven't actually produced anything to sell yet, i know there are these wonderful supplies waiting to be used, whether we get going on the business or i just buy some from her for my own purposes. i am imagining blankets, moby-type wrap, soft toys and maybe a hammock. 

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I can crochet badly and I knit a scarf before. but they are mediocre at best...and only flat things. I crochet washcloths for our dishes and they never come out square. lol. My crochet is only functional.




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40768_1580031024815_1356856943_2345937_5369567_n.jpgfrom a mama friend :)

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I am crafty... just in a different way wink1.gif  I am a photographer, and am going to branch out and start taking photographs of nature and just cool things that catch my eye, and make some different and awesome prints (unusual editing processes).  I also do little crafts here and there, and sew occasionally with my sister.  We just recently made some stockings.. a couple of my family's are in the back round of this photo of my kids (that I took, so my other creative side! ROTFLMAO.gif)  We also do quilting :)

Christmas Portraits 2011 001A.jpg

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yeah! so glad this isnt a strictly knitting post. thanks!


im a crafter too!  i sew, quilt, design clothing, write, photography, write music......basicaly everything that DOESN'T involve yarn...haha!  i tried to learn, but its just not the same for me. :)


cant wait to share what wev all been working on in the second half of pregnancy!!!

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Coraline's name-stamp and sewing on paper for her baby book ( i think i am going to do a scrapbook sort of thing this time)



outfits for american girls, no pattern used.









the start of a school bus for their dolls. they took it as soon as everything was cut out, but it's not painted and I hadn't even added wheels yet. they don't seem to care.








and then the dollhouse I posted in  the  holiday craft challenge thread it's on the first page, along with the cigar label bed I just added a photo of.

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so, i finished the baby blanket for the boy to be and even got around to a hat and booties!  i just hope the booties fit!  here's a pic of the three:



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Oh fun!  Part of my New Year's commitment is to waste less, so to that end I just did a little robe for DD.  I used Christmas tree print flannel from 2010 for the exterior and an old white terry robe of mine to line it.  I really want to use up some of the fabric I have before buying more, but I also want to get started on some things for baby--mostly linens and wipes.  I LOVE the doll clothes, Thursday.  I've tried to make them with a pattern and they're so hard for me!


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I made these today. A little hat and diaper cover for baby's first photo shoot. The diaper cover is meant to be a photo prop, not to be functional. wink1.gif The colors are also prettier in person. I'm pretty proud of this because I'm a crochet beginner and I totally winged the diaper cover without knowing what I was doing.




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Still in progress - this is Four Corners Baby Blanket. The blue on the right is a gorgeous teal IRL, then the fourth square will be purple and the border will be yellow. I've messed up a bunch of this but am sure baby won't mind. Am a pretty new knitter, this is the biggest project I've tackled to date.

blanket in progresssmall.jpg

And just have to post this too - DP just learned to knit and has been working hard on a wee hat for baby as his first project. He finished it last night! Proud of him!

ron's hatsmall.jpg


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wow lalazap, I can't even knit a hat!!

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