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Thought that the mamas in the western suburbs of Chicago might want to know about a lovely Winter Fair that's being held at Four Winds Waldorf School in Warrenville tomorrow (12-10) from 10am-5pm. The event will have a lot of no cost and low cost activities such as live music, a "Sweet Shop" with baked goods (also will have options for many food allergies), a "cookie cottage" where children can decorate home-baked cookies (including gingerbread cookies that are free of egg, gluten, soy, and dairy) as well as
Waldorf-style story and craft events for the children, a winter journey with King Winter, story time with some of the grandparents from the school, a "Sparkle Star Market" where children can be escorted by helper elves to select and wrap inexpensive small handmade/natural gifts for their parents, siblings, etc. The event will also have local craft vendors selling Waldorf-style toys, Waldorf dolls, natural body care products etc., in addition to food from Two Mothers Foods (with GF/CF options). The entire event is nut free.

In all it looks to be a very sweet festival emphasizing the season over the consumerism and an opportunity for families to celebrate a special day together. The event is free for adults. Children are $5 each and includes 5 gold sparkle stars (the currency for the event). Additional stars can be purchased depending on need/desire. Call the school today for more information and to pre-register if desired (some of the events are limited to a maximum number of children).\