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Target nurse-in

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Recently a mama in Houston was harassed and humiliated for nursing her babe in their store.  Read the full details here.



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I got wind of this from Target's Facebook page. It is worth mentioning that they repeatedly reiterated on their Facebook page that their policy is to allow a mother to nurse freely wherever she'd like in the store (and to provide a fitting room if and only IF she feels the need for privacy). Also, I nursed all the way through a Target store in my area yesterday and didn't get so much as a dirty look.


I think this was probably an isolated incident by prejudiced and incorrectly trained staff--a problem made worse by an ignorant public relations representative looking to avoid fault. All the same--Target's corporate authorities should recognize the issue and revisit their policies and training. And the employees who behaved so badly should absolutely be disciplined for their actions. A nurse-in should certainly help get the message across.


More saddening to me than the issue itself was the response on Target's Facebook page by other people (not affiliated with Target) to anyone expressing pro-nursing sentiments; I can't tell you how many times the words "disgusting", "inappropriate", and "gross" were used. It's horrifying.

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Just a note that it's really helpful to post a summary of whatever is on FB. Not everyone uses it.

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I don't have FB but I <3 Target and I would support a nurse in ...

I hope the employees were fired.
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