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Dec March 2012 chat

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Well I can't find one. So here I am starting one. If I am wrong please link it to me:)


So life has been rolling along. We are all into the GD testing and getting big bellys! Its nearly Christmas!  Its almost 2 weeks away! HOLY COW! Before you know it we will be looking at March on the calandar!

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Ick - I'm bruised from my ultrasound yesterday!  Apparently, DS likes to hide - they've had trouble every ultrasound (this was my fourth) getting a good look at him, and yesterday his feet (the point of the u/s) were tucked under my ribs, and his head was nestled in my right hip.




I am a bit confused... I thought yesterdays ultrasound was to get a second look at his feet (still club footed), but afterwards they had me schedule another appt to "moniter his growth".  I have no idea if this is something my ob wants, or if it's just them trying to make more money (its a third party place about 45 min north of here that my doc sends her patients to for their 20 week anatomy scan).  I'll have to talk to her about it.  While the pics are fun, its a pain to get to the place, and they're always running behind.  Plus, how many ultrasounds do I really need?  One more right before my due date, I know, but other than that?  Now that we've confirmed his diagnosis, it's not like it's gonna change, or that anyone can do anything until he's born...


On another note,  I have a dilemma.  They gave me info for a specialized pediatric orthopedic surgeon to contact... but again, the practice is way up north.  Would it be better to get someone more experienced, but more far a way, or someone a little less experienced with this specific condition, but closer and with more personal care (since it'll likely be someone my dad and ob know)?

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Boy Lala lots going on for you! U/S's are fun to see baby but yes we had quite a wait time. They work on preborn baby time;) Thats pretty slow! LOL Honestly I might see if I could find someone closer BUT I might like atleast an initial consult with a specialist.


I haven't had an U/S but baby is in there I can feel it;) Now where every little part is, I couldn't tell ya. I can tell you that I feel kicks mostly in my pelvic region BUT just as strong of kicks up higher! I also have SOMETHING in my right rib. Now what that something is I am unsure.......I might end up with an U/S just be certain of where baby is. One more monthly and then every two weeks:)

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Thanks for starting a new thread! It is kind of dead over here, but easier for me to keep track of long threads here than facebook.

@Lalaith - I'd ask your dad if he knows any good surgeons that he'd recommend. Sometimes closer is better, but I think it would depend on the difficulty of the case. It would be worth meeting with someone closer that your dad recommends to have a consult, and go from there. If you don't feel comfortable (or the doctor doesn't), you can always travel some. I think that bedside manner and personalized treatment are just as important as skill when it comes to medical care.

Do either of you see your belly moving yet? It is insane how active this guy can get. I can make out the knees, feet, and bum, and back now.

AFM, got some good and some icky news today. Well, kind of. Good news is that the CA-P in neurology is fine with sending me out to get a port. She thinks it would be easier for me, especially with a hospital birth coming up and needing IVIG every few weeks. They're having to stick me 5-6 times when I'm hydrated, and these are well-trained chemo nurses that deal with crappy veins all day. So, it's just a matter of the CA-P calling the infusion charge nurse to get more info, since neurology doesn't normally require port installations. They can do it with a local, so as long as the surgeon will do it, we should be good to go.

My lab results weren't the best, though. She wasn't positive about the results, because I am more hydrated than a normal person would be during the infusions. That could throw the results off, so she said she'd look into it. My albumin levels were low, even though I thought I'd been doing well with protein. She asked me to up my protein intake while she checks into the effect dilution could have on the numbers. My blood sugar was borderline, too. They test right after getting the line in, which is about an hour to an hour and a half after having breakfast. So, that test result is iffy as well. Potassium was off as well. It looked like I was dehydrated, but in fact I was very well hydrated. So, more bananas for me. I need to get my GTT and ask for retesting of the proteins and potassium when I go in next week for my Ob visit. Protein and potassium are pretty easily fixable with diet...I'm just worried about the blood sugars. I REALLY don't want to have to deal with a diabetic diet for the next three months.
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Blech Camerasgirl! I hope you don't have deal with a diabetic diet either! Well what did you eat for breakfast. For instance if you just had a pile of pancakes it would be closer to borderline. If its just borderline even that does not mean your diabetic it means the number was high NORMAL. Well I hope that all works out and that all your levels come into normal ranges. We can all have funky days. We are not machines we are people:)


AFM, Nothing much we are going to get the Christmas tree today. I wanted to grab a gingerbread house village kit so they can all decorate one and chow down on some really old gingerbread! LOL I need to get shopping for containers for PB balls:) I need to make some quickly because my sister and my brother don't live near enough to swing in for Christmas. To be honest my sister does but she is constantly pleading poverty.


I also have a coupon for spend fifty and get ten back at Target. It expires today. Does that mean I can't use it today or that this is the last day to??


Well I am off the children are making it impossible to even think.

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Originally Posted by cameragirl View Post

Do either of you see your belly moving yet? It is insane how active this guy can get. I can make out the knees, feet, and bum, and back now.

Yes, definitely. I can't tell which parts are which though. How can you tell?

I hope the glucose was a fluke and the real test goes fine.
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Originally Posted by 3timesamom View Post

It expires today. Does that mean I can't use it today or that this is the last day to??

The expiry date is the last day to use it.
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Originally Posted by Kyamo View Post

Yes, definitely. I can't tell which parts are which though. How can you tell?
I hope the glucose was a fluke and the real test goes fine.

I can feel a lot of the parts when he stretches out. Feet are about an inch long right now, knees feel boney, and bums are pretty easy because they feel firm and round. If baby is head down, you should be able to feel a firm, round area right above your pelvic bone.
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This baby is NOT head down. I don't think! I am overweight though so I never can tell.


I do see baby making my belly jump.


I did get to use my coupon today. I was gone ALL day!

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Baby flipped last week - I was soooo happy.  I suspected (because all the kicks were suddenly in the rib area instead of my bladder), but wasn't sure until my ultrasound.


I still can't tell where anything is though.  I guess I can tell which way he's facing by which side of my ribs are getting kicked, but that's it.  He's tucked away though (I'm still barely showing).  My uterus has always been tilted toward my spine, so I guess that's why?  And maybe some of it's "first time mom" inexperience...

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Yay Lala! I hope my babies flipped but honestly I just can't decide what I think on that;)

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I'm never really sure where things are either, no matter how much poking around I do; I feel like I should be an expert by now, lol.  The anterior placenta this time is making it more difficult, though.  I am feeling more movement, but it's a lot of big movement.  I'm measuring right on for my dates instead of 1-2 cm behind like I usually do, so maybe he has more room than I'm used to.



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Brisen you and I probably should be experts! LOL I am on baby four and your on six?? I have a friend who has eight! I could never understand why she would want so many....Well now I do! I sure can't think of who to put back!


We just got our Elfkins or Elf on a shelf. I haven't read the book that comes with it yet because Sethie won't hear of it and tells me its his book;) I am pretty sure I was going to read it to him;) I can't wait to see what naughty things this elf will do;)


Sethie and I were out walking this the 14th day of December in Maine! Now that is something! We are having noodles and sauce with shredded cheddar on them for lunch and we only have daycare kiddo today:) Its been a nice day:)


I hope everyone is well!!!

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that should be ONE daycare kiddo:)

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Doctor's appts are so much more fun when your nurses and doc are gossiping about your parents. :D  Before the med center was completed, my ob shared an office with my dad, so she and all the nurses know him and my mom, and have fun telling me stories about them.


One of my mom's favorite things to do when dad moves to a new office/gets new nurses is to show up and drop off chocolate for him, telling the nurses that she's his girlfriend and they need to make sure his wife doesn't know.  The nurses are usually freaked, but take it to my dad, who (rolling his eyes), has to explain that that WAS his wife.


She brings cookies to make up for it though.


So yes, makes waiting go by faster when you can chat.



I'm so very lucky.

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Lala! I should have done that with DH's work;) LOL Yes I suppose that would make wait times more tolerable!

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This poor board is like a ghost town now. smile.gif

I posted about this on FB, but figured I would here as well. I had my 28 week appointment with the NP today, since my OB is out of town. She was awesome. I passed the GTT, but my hemoglobin levels were on the low side. We talked about the pelvic pain and what I could do. (Not many options while pregnant, unfortunately.) She said that I'll likely have 1-2 ultrasounds this trimester since my old OB was concerned about my fluid levels last time. (I had a scan for size at an outside radiology office at 38.5 weeks, and they sent me straight to the hospital. Another scan was done at the hospital which showed higher levels, but they were still iffy about it. I have no doubt it was from the 115* temps outside that summer.) They're watching the baby's size since DD was 9.9 lbs, but there has been absolutely no negativity or mention of an RCS at all. She said that they just want to make sure that baby is consistent growth-wise.

I told her about neurology sending a referral for a port, and she was supportive about it. She apologized that I have to go through this, get beat up with needle sticks, etc. She while it stinks to have to get a port while I'm pregnant, it will be a good thing. Apparently she was an L&D nurse before doing OB/GYN, and she joked that the L&D nurses will be fighting for me as a patient since venous access will be so easy. wink1.gif Before we left, she gave us a quick peek at our little guy on the ultrasound machine. It wasn't the best view since they had the machine calibrated for early pregnancy, but it was nice to see him. The little guy was back into a head-down position (ROA) after being transverse for a couple of weeks. Yay! He had his legs stretched all the way across the top of my uterus, and he was sucking on his fingers. smile.gif

I get the port put in on the 4th of January. Wish me luck. smile.gif
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Good luck!


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Yes, good luck :)  I'm glad to hear that your guy moved from being transverse -- that would have made me nervous.  My guy was transverse at the 20 week u/s, which is still plenty of time to move, but I kind of have a feeling he's still that way.  I'm not really sure; I think this anterior placenta is messing with me.  I'm carrying higher than I remember in the past, but I feel almost all of the kicks down low, around the bikini line, or at about the level of my navel but over on my right side.  I occasionally feel a little push way up high, but nothing very strong.  But I am hoping that means that the placenta has moved up as my uterus has grown, since I can feel those kicks down low in front.

Is anyone else scaling back their holiday stuff this year?  I have been, a bit.  We usually go to a cut your own place for our tree and get a huge one; we go at the same time as my dad and use his truck, help him get his in his house, and then he comes and helps with ours.  We decided to get an already cut one this year, and get a smaller one.  We almost made a trip in to the city to go to Ikea; they have cut trees for $15, and then you get a coupon for $20 off a purchase of (I think) $75.  But we didn't want to go all the way in and find out that they didn't have any trees we liked.  Dh ended up buying one from the firefighters in town.  It was so much easier to bring in and set up.  But now dh is saying he wants to buy an artificial tree.  Sigh.


The kids' gifts are all purchased; I've been making cookie dough and freezing it.  This week, I'll make a couple more batches of dough, some playdough, and some candy-type stuff.  At the end of the week, we'll bake the cookies and package the goodies to give as gifts.  We're celebrating our family Christmas on Christmas Eve, so we aren't trying to have Christmas at three different places all on one day.  I think I'll do something easy like a ham and baked potatoes.  We're making dessert to bring to our family dinners; dh has some kind of thing with fruit and whipped cream and cake planned.  I was just going to make refrigerator cheesecake and a couple of pumpkin pies (with premade crusts), but if he wants to do all that, I'll let him take over dessert.

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I've been meaning to get in on these chats to have some more obsess over baby conversations.  Am I the only one with a baby who moves all around quite regularly?  I'll catch this baby transverse, breech, and head down all in one day, and I figure that if s/he can still move like that, then I need not be worried about him/her getting stuck where s/he is.  My most recent guess is that s/he is head down with feet up (or rather down) by her/his head, but still rather high... not at all in my pelvis.


This is only our second Christmas doing our own thing.  It looks like we won't be having guests this year, so that takes some pressure off.  I have a meal planned, and we tend to go simple on the decorations, and they're all ready to put up on Christmas eve.  Cards are ready to go out as soon as our picture order gets here, and we're close to done shopping.  Then, it's just cookies and cleaning.

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