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I'm glad to see more chat here too now.  I haven't had a lot to say most of this pregnancy, just going along, but now that nesting mode has hit, I'm really glad to have people to talk to about it.  I wish I could do more simplifying, but we'll see how much gets done.  This is our 4th person in a 650 sf condo, so there's not a lot of extra room.  I wish we could do more to clear some of the clutter, but I don't have that high hopes for that.  I've got some volunteer training I'm trying to finish up before the baby's born, and that's my main project besides getting ready for the baby him/herself.  I'm amazed at some of the projects you ladies are working on!

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Checking in!


You guys sound as busy as I am!  Lots of planners in this group.  I have so much to do but this week all I want to do is sleep and knit.  Then sleep some more.  


Madeitx2- we also moved into our new house while we were expecting #3.  It felt wonderful and such a great way to welcome another baby.  Congrats!


MommyBecky- I hear you.  I want to buy tons of organization bins and tubs and shelves and just get crazy organized.  I usually handle chaos well (with 3 boys under 9 I guess you have to lol) but lately I've been really annoyed and upset with the lack of organization.  Even for small things like legos.  OMG please just keep them in ONE spot!


Sh118-   thats great about the new nursery!  This babe is head down and I don't usually get any movements down low unless it's a little wiggly hand by my left hip.  Most movements are up a the top where it's bum is and over to the left where it's legs kick and push.  Spinning babies has book that shows you all the positions and stuff mapped on your belly.  Pretty neat! 


8inTulgeyWood- we also need to upgrade cars (again).  What kind of van did you get?  For the carseat, we got a britax and love it. 


JMJ- I'm also very modest and can't even handle the idea of being in my living room in a birth tub to give birth.  I just want to be alone and in my momma cave.  I plan to use a bellyband for my top and then sew a smallish skirt for my bottom.   On the facebook group there is a document that has usernames and facebook names so you can match ppl and figure out who is who.  It's really helpful! 



So far I have a nice amount of clothes, but not enough diapers or covers.  So I'll be buying a few and sewing a bunch over the weeks.  Anyone here try Sustainablebabyish aka Sloomb?  I am really close to buying some but I'd love opinions. 


Our house is a freaking nightmare.  It's so tiny and there are already 5 of us and 2 big dogs.  We have to rearrange almost every single room.  Our 2 older boys share a room, our youngest shares with us in his own bed (2 beds and 2 dressers in one tiny room!) so to make room we need to finish the laundry room first, then move laundry room supplies out of a spare space (like literally 10x10) to use as the new homeschooling room.  We'll move my home office into the old homeschool room, then our bedroom up to the old office.  Then the 2 younger boys get our room.  Holy cow.  Dh says he'll be working on the laundry room tomorrow.  Fingers crossed because if we can't get that one room done, then nothing can move!  It's like those annoying puzzle games where there is only one free square to slide all the other squares around to make a picture lol.


My last appnt went well.  I really like my midwife and am really blessed this time around to have the situation the way it is.  Since I went UP/UC last time, she respects my choice to UC again but also provides me with all my prenatal and postnatal care.  I may or may not call her for the birth and she's okay with that.  I'm thinking I'll have dh call but probably not until it's time to push.  Then we'll have some time alone but she's not to far away if we need her.  I feel freedom in my choices (for the most part) and since having some rough births, that is a really amazing feeling. 


My work schedule is going to pick up tremendously this month.  I'm so not looking forward to all the physical work I have to do, I really hope that I can keep my SPD under control.  Also, I hope that it's not too much that it keeps me from doing any nesting. I just want to nest like crazy but I have to work.  :(  


My family is still being incredibly unhelpful.  Pretty much the only time I hear from anyone is if they want something.  Sigh. 



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Checking in also...


I haven't posted here in a while.  I've been sick with the worst cold/chest infection that I think I've had in the past maybe 10 years?  It's been absolutely awful.  It's taken 3 weeks to get over it, and I'm still left with a cough  :-(  I'm thankful though that I caught it now, and not later.  I'm really worn out from it now though and have no energy.  Years ago I had a virus that left me with that post viral fatigue thing.  That was when I was a university and I had to skip a whole semester.  Part of me is afraid that might happen again.


We're also looking at moving house as soon as we can find a place.  I'm pretty stressed about it.  I started another thread about it.  It's just awful not knowing where we're going to live.  I'm trying to get organised though and pack maybe one box every 2 days.  DH isn't being much help though as his moving method is pack the night before and just shove stuff in boxes.  I'd prefer to be able to find things after the move, than have to hunt through multiple boxes labelled "mixed" "mixed"  lol.  Being pregnant, I can't afford to wear myself out like that and need to spread the work over multiple days, rather than one.


So far I've been really happy with my care plan.  My midwife is great.  (I use an independent clinic but will birth at the hospital).  My bloods have come back.  She said my iron is really high, which I am pleased about.  I don't know if that's because I take my pre-natals, or because of something we're eating.  My gestational diabetes test, I passed that as well which is great.  I was nervous about it, but the stuff I had to drink wasn't as bad as I expected.  I was worried I might not pass it because I've been having times where out of the blue I'll feel really unwell and have to eat something, and then feel better straight after I eat.


Glad to hear everyone elses news too.

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Lizzie I think thats normal for pregnancy. I can't go hungry for long before I am ready to consider eating my arm! I do recall that with my other children as well. I also get heart burn like nobody's business! Hope you find a new home soon! I moved in my third trimester with Alicia and WOW did I move! LOL DH came home and we were moved all except the furniture that I couldn't have moved!


Everlong, Well your rearranging sounds like my last baby! We had to put up a wall, move DH's man room, Switch DS and us, and create the nursery. I painted 3 rooms and seriously sat down on my due date at 930pm and went into labor! I had him at 315AM 15min after getting to the hospital. So glad we are staying home this time! Also glad that the rearranging isn't nearly as involved!


JMJ, Honestly I don't even know how many square feet we had with our second but yeah it was small! It was like a trailer sawed in half and stacked on top of itself. You will make it work!


AFM, Oh my! Tomorrow is my youngests bday. He just turned 3:) We bought him a pair of bogs for his birthday since he likes his rubber boots but he just got a pile of toys from Christmas:) He is quite pleased:) I am trying to make him a lovely cake but he will have to settle for the monstrosity that I come up with!


Our van died. Our truck died. BLAH! Dh got my van going so he could go to work and so that is good. Being a one car family isn't fun but it can work. DH has been looking around for a new truck and frankly I am astonished at the prices! Wish me luck on keeping DH on a budget!


We had my nephew for a week. It was interesting seeing the dynamics of adding a baby to our three kids!  Its going to be a lot! Hopefully we don't end up having to add my nephew! We will if we have to though.


Well I just wanted to check in and explain that we have been BUSY much like all of you:) Hope everyone is well and all our babies are growing fatter:)

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3times, sorry to hear about your vehicle troubles.  What timing, huh?!  Hope the situation with your nephew gets resolved...that would be hard.  I am nervous about adding a baby with just my 2.5 yo!

Lizzie, we've been sick here too.  Dr. says that we probably recovered from one bug just to catch another one, because we (DD, DH, and myself) have been sore throats and sniffles, crabby and tired for going on 4 weeks now=(.  Of course, the crabby and tired is just the point I am at in this pregnancy too!

DH asked me yesterday if I have been taking my DHA, because I am just so down and tired, and my mom wants to know if I had been checked for anemia.  I am just trying to eat well and nap/rest when DD does, so hopefully that will help and I can beat this cold and get back to feeling myself.

Anyone else feeling huge and done?!

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SH118, Nope I am fine still;) I look at it like every day that I am pregnant is a day that I get to sleep, and its a day that Seth is getting older. Hes just 3.


Are you taking vitamin D? That can help your mood. Its the vitamin you get from the sun. This time of year (if your not in florida or something) that will help replace what you naturally get in better weather.


Feel better soon!


AFM, I cleaned the bathroom upstairs walls and all today;) I also washed all my walls in the hall and doors and frames. Tomorrow I plan to do the kitchen and the cabinets. We shall see however I have a 3yo that thinks he is helping me;)

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Wow, is that serious nesting, or is that part of your cleaning routine?  Embarassed to admit I have never washed wallsblush.gif  Somehow with little "helpers", the projects take twice as long!



AFM, I cleaned the bathroom upstairs walls and all today;) I also washed all my walls in the hall and doors and frames. Tomorrow I plan to do the kitchen and the cabinets. We shall see however I have a 3yo that thinks he is helping me;)


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Its sourd of nesting. Wednesdays we clean the bathrooms, vac the upstairs and whatever laundry we must do.  Sundays we do the same. Throughout the week I vacum daily downstairs (usually more like three times a day!) we do dishes after each meal of course and do laundry as needed. On Sundays I also throw in mopping the kitchen. Dusting and windexing is a Sunday Wednesday chore too. It keeps me focused:)


Well I did the bottom cabinets last night. I vac'd them out and washed them. This morning I did the upper cabinets and the outer cabinet doors. I guess tomorrow I will try to wash the kitchen walls and wash the curtains. Then perhaps this weekend I can get the living room and the curtains. Like I said this is nesting but its not. I just forsee not having the time for this with a new baby. Its hard with all the daycare kids and my own 3yo.


I think I will know I am nesting when I start going crazy getting out baby gear and washing up little clothes;)


Well DH is leaning toward a truck that we can pay cash for but sometimes throws in a desire for one with a payment plus the cash! BLAH. I hope he stays responsible.


Well off to check on Sethie. We made some play dough today and lord knows what he might be doing since I have been typing this!



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Wow ladies are you all due in Feb? Just kidding. I clean up daily but always like to get even more organized with each birth, inalready pulled out my diaper stash and gender clothes and washed them too. Love it.
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LOL thankfully not! I would run out of time to get all this done!

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I went crazy this weekend rearranging the rooms like I mentioned.  I got my office moved and painted, our room moved into the office and the new homeschool room set up.  I am super tired now and we are only 1/2 way done.  ugh.   


I'm not very happy with the results either.  Somehow even with utilizing the extra space downstairs we have LESS room.  My bed and dresser made it into our new room and that's it.  No room for baby's clothes or a small dresser.  I'm freaking bummed and I don't want to move a matress and dressers again.  


Had a good midwife appnt today.  However, I'm swelling (maybe from all the moving?) in my hands, face, feet and had a small blip of protein in my urine too. 

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3timesamom, sounds like you are doing great!  I so would be on all that but for lack of energy.  I do have energy for knitting at least :)

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Everlong, You do sound like me with my third baby! LOL I moved bedrooms around and painted three rooms! I was going looney. I waited until the days JUST before he was born too. As in I sat down from finishing up the last room and went into labor.


Good luck getting the rest done. I am certain you will get it done.

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Hi Ladies

Nice to hear some more goods from ya.

Ever long our bedroom is the front one and the girls have the back two so our beds and dresser is it as well so last night I was looking and decided to set up my changing/clothes station right outside my bedroom on an open wall for the first 4-6 months. Can you do something like that?

We skip the nursery stage and co-sleep until the child wants his/her own room. By then it will sure be a fight with 4kids in a three bedroom. Maybe my hubby and I will sleep on the roof under the stars. ;0)
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Yeah our three year old still sleeps in our bedroom. Our baby will too. Everyone is getting more sleep with this setup so far.

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   The new room has maybe 3 feet between the bed and the dresser, no room at the end or top of the bed and the rest of the wall is a doorway lol.   I wish I had another space but this house is so strange, it's 3 levels but very small rooms on each level.  Like a ton of closets!  


I think I'm going to get something to hang on the back of the door for diapers, then get some shelves and put them up for baby clothes or something.  


This weekend we are supposed to finish, I don't have any other time I can do it so this better work darn it! lol! 



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Sounds like many of us are in a major cleaning/ organizing push before baby comes.  I just sewed a new cover for my old glider rocker that was shredded and it looks brand new and I forgot how comfortable and relaxing it is to sit in.


I have the baby gear sorted but need to make the place to put it which will require reorganizing the dresser and closet in our nursery and making room for one more.  I currently have my 4 y/o and 2 y/o in that room, but don't want to move either out yet cause I feel they both still need to be really close to our bedroom.  


Everlong, I never responded to you about what type of van we got.  This is practically identical.  Not much to look at but very practical and spacious for our large family. http://modules06.dealercarsearch.com/InventoryListModule/5205/1542146/28756b63-4a3d-454e-b2fa-af2b6e8baba9/none/2007-Ford-Econoline-Gardena-CA-90248.aspx


We thought we were going to have to ship it from CA to us, but lucked out when a local dealer bought one and sold it to us.  That way we could easily trade in our minivan too.  It worked out perfectly.


Hope you all have a great weekend!

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I see we are all in nesting mode. Thing is with seven weeks left I feel like I have plenty of time but I also don't!


Worse is DH just spends money without knowing the budget and it keeps taking from what I needed to buy things for baby. This is getting really overwhelming to me!  He bought his mother wood and that was 400 dollars. I decided to use our vaca fund and then he said "so thats 440??" Um no its 400. He then said its 110 a cord! BLAH there goes the 40 I was putting aside to get baby gear. Now I have no money for baby gear envelope AND our vaca envelope is EMPTY. This annoys me for more reasons than I care to explain on here but let me just say his mom makes more money than us and just has to support herself,. I'll leave it at that. DH also ordered himself a star wars doll for 164. Like that was in my budget. BLAH.


Well anyway I hope everyone is good. We have the midwife apmnt today. I'm sure I will update you.

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34 wk appt. this morning.  All looked good.  I asked how he could tell babe was down and he said, well the head has a distinct feel, and this is the neck...(proceeds to kinda pinch my belly...hard).  I said, okay I believe you!

I told DH (kind-of jokingly) that I want to hire a maid to deep clean before the babe comes, and he sorta shrugged and said okay, lol!  I don't think I really will, but I am just not in the mood for cleaning light fixtures/windows/etc. right now.

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Yay for head down babies:) I have been going crazy cleaning. I just figure I won't have time once I have a new baby. I struggle with all the daycare babies just to maintain my house. I don't know what I will do with a newborn who needs to nurse all day!


AFM, my apmnt went well. The midwife has a student and I will be her first birth. I am the next one due with the midwife:) It seems really strange. Baby measured 37 weeks but I was 33w and 3d so basically baby is bigger than your average baby.  HR was 120-140 and we know the variation because the student counted, the midwife counted and then they did one together. They also felt baby head down. The midwife thinks baby is engaged and I confirmed that baby is most certainly not. I can still walk;) Now DD was engaged and my second was engaged by now but not my third and not this baby! Let me tell you I sure wouldn't be doing just dance every day if baby was engaged! So my next apmnt is my home visit and we need our birth supplies:) We are most excited and yet still in disbelief!


That said my preperations thus far have included the upstairs bathroom walls and ceiling, the upstairs hall and all doors and door jams, the kitchen walls, and the living room was tackled today. I also washed all curtains. Before the home visit I would like to get to the spindles on the stair case, the ceiling fan, and to the tote of baby clothes. I was going to wash and dry 0-3 and 3-6mos. What do you think, both or just 0-3?? (My babies are upper 8lbs lower 9lbs in the past.)


Well my son is done in the shower and DD needs to get in. I have to go read with my son now:) It was fun talking babies with you even if I half don't believe this is happening!

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