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physical locations

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OK, so we have an inordinate amount of WI mamas lol. If you are comfortable posting around where you are it would be neat if anyone could actually meet up at some point.

  I am in NE Oklahoma. Any MO or KS moms?

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Sorry Wendybird, I live just north of Waterford and South of Muskego in WI.  It is a small town called Norway.

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I'm in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. It's about 3 hours south of Chicago and 2 hours west of Indianapolis.

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I am in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

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I am in southwest MI, between Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids.

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South East Michigan for me, in Ann Arbor (although I guess that's obvious from the school I attend LOL).

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Pittsburgh, PA!

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rainbow1284.gif Big Island banana.gif

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Central Kentucky, Bowling Green area. thumb.gif

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Ravensong, someone close! I'm in Fargo now, but grew up in Minnetonka shy.gif.

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I am in Mukwonago, WI.. about 30 min south of Milwaukee thumbsup.gif

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South Central Louisiana.


like a small crunchy frontier woman in a wilderness of not thinking :)


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southeast louisiaana, small town called Slidell

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Think we should form an outpost Chiro?


I have found the Louisiana natural birth group,. Formed and ran our non religious homeschool group for years...so I know there are people here. I lot more than when I had my first 19 years ago. I bet you have more near you closer to the city.



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any Utah/ Colorado mommies?

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Kaukauna, WI which is just south of Green Bay.

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Edmonton, Alberta smile.gif
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Cochrane, Alberta, Canada! Just 3hrs South of daylicious! :D

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I'm in Florida

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I'm in Portland, Oregon.

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