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Sorry if this is a repeat but I couldn't find a recent thread by searching.


Working FT and trying to EBF my dairy/soy intolerant 7mo refluxer is proving to be a challenge.  I'd like to try domperidone but I understand I can't get it here. 


Do those of you getting it from Canadian pharmacies get a script from your MW?  Will the online pharmacies take that?  How you you know a pharmacy is reliable and the meds are real?


Thanks for any thoughts.

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There's a FAQ - bumped it for you.
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I'll ask again over there.  Thanks for bumping for me.  :)

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No problem!
I'm lucky - I live in Canada and just got my family doc to prescribe it with both kids. I hope you're able to get some - it's made all the difference for me.
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My family doc prescribed it at a compounding pharmacy but it was SO expensive.  Now I get mine from inhousepharmacy.biz, no prescription needed.  I had never ordered meds online before but had lots of friends, IRL and online who got it there, one a CNM who got it for herself.

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