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Is the doctor right?

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My two month old has been having some problems. She has had red, gooey armpits and inner thighs (in the folds of her skin) since she was 2 weeks old. I told the doctor about it as soon as I saw it. The doctor started treating her for yeast infection. After a week of that, I told the doctor that it can't have been yeast because the medication wasn't doing anything. The doc told me to keep treating her with the yeast medication (that is, amoxicillin and diflucan). After the redness cleared up some but then came right back, I went back in to the doctor's and told her that I'd like her to re-examine the situation. She did cultures on little one's armpit and butt crack (she had some goop there, too) and when I came back, they said she had e-coli. Has anyone else had this problem??? We were treating her with augmentin but it was causing her to throw up (literally, throw up. NOT spitup!) so I asked the doc to prescribe something else because medicine shouldn't make the child sicker! Well, a week later, the doctor still hasn't prescribed anything... Help?!

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Have you tried cleaning the areas, drying well & then applying some cornstarch? Maybe even twice daily? Dd gets what you describe but maybe not as severe & this has helped us.

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If it's ecoli, I don't think cornstarch is going to do the trick.  I'd call and ask to speak with the doctor or get a second opinion from another doctor.

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I don't think so either, but it won't hurt & sometimes simple things get overlooked.

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I wonder why the doctor was giving antibiotics for a yeast infection? That's weird to me. Antibiotics GIVE lots of people yeast infections. I would clean it once with antibacterial soap, dry it well with a hair dryer and the rest of the day keep it cleaned with plain water and dry with a hair dryer. It does sound like yeast, but I've never heard of treating yeast with antibiotics(amoxicillin and augmentin).

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The ecoli diagnosis throws me for a loop.  But, my son and daughter both had symptoms like what you describe in the folds of skin and cornstarch cleared it right up.  I would give them a bath, pat it dry gently and load them up with cornstarch.

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do you know which swab grew e coli?  If it was the butt swab it might be a contaminant and not actually causing the rash itself.  I think skin infections from e. coli are pretty rare.


Did the ped only give oral medication for the yeast or have you been using a cream like nystatin?

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Hi. not sure about the e coli, but my LO came down with a horrible yeast rash at 2 weeks old. I suspect it had something to do with me getting IV antibiotics while in labor with him. Anyway, ped suggested Lotrimin, an antifungal cream. I used that for a few days but it wasn't clearing up. It was actually getting worse. He was getting these little white blistery looking things on top of the rash. A different ped then said it was a staph infection on top of the yeast rash and she prescribed antibiotics.

I was literally sick about giving him the same things that caused his rash to begin with, so I held off on the antibiotics and got some advice from a mom friend of mine that worked wonders. Here's what I did: everyday at least twice a day, I would lay him down on a towel in the bathroom, wash the area gently with soap and water ( I used Dove), put colloidal silver on the rash, blow dry the area dry, then I would do the same thing using some of my breastmilk, then blow-dry it again. Breastmilk works wonders! The second time I did this during the day I would replace the colloidal silver with diluted grape seed extract. ( 10 drops to 1 oz of water). I would also do the breastmilk the second time around too.

I repeated this routine for about 3 days and it cleared up entirely on it's own. Good luck!
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