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Birth Chat - December

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Some of us could very well welcome babies this month! What's on your mind concerning baby's birth?

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I was wondering if anyone else was planning to labour alone for a little while. This is my first, so I'm not sure exactly what I'll need, but I did have a chat with DH and my doula about perhaps wanting to be left TOTALLY alone to labour. I tend to deal with pain very privately - (if I have an audience I actually can get kinda whiney).


I lost a pregnancy at home and I absolutely did not want a SOUL around at the time. It was very, very private and although painful I felt like I could cope better if I was left alone to "dive into" the pain...


I don't want people to try to distract me away from what I'm experiencing. (Although I know at times I will welcome help to cope, like massage and things... I don't want someone to try to just "distract me") Is that strange? I guess I'm just really curious about this whole labour thing. I feel blessed to have the opportunity for a homebirth to be able to experience it just "as it is"...

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Nope. It will be (hopefully) my midwife or the midwife on call, and I. Father is definitely not coming and is out of the picture. My parents..I feel weird about. I have a close girlfriend that I asked if she would be willing but I don't think she's the most appropriate to have in the room with me. I have a couple guy friends that would willingly be there for me - but I feel kind of awkward about that too....Sooo it's VERY likely that it will be just the midwife and I. I'm a no drama mama I don't need an audience to make a big deal out of things - that just adds stress in my opinion. 

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Well I tend to have pretty quick labors and will likely be GBS+ again this time so I will probably head to the hospital as soon as I know it's for real.  I labor fine with people around me though, and will have my DH as well as my doula, assistant doula, and photographer who are all friends of mine there with me.  And my OB whom I love.  Hoping for another good time and a snuggly babe, possibly by Christmas even! :)


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In my ideal world, I labour & birth completely alone. I laboured for a couple hours (of 5 1/2) completely alone with ds3 and it was really nice.

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I've decided to make sure labouring alone is an option for me... I'm thinking especially if I have a bath that it will be nice probably for me and everyone helping to close a door and let me do my thing for a little while...


Honestly I am feeling fairly good about birthing (aside from getting the house ready... it's a huge source of anxiety for me right now...) Sometimes I am worried that I should be a bit more 'worried', but another part of me it's thinking that my attitude of "everything will go well, and I am going to do just fine" is more helpful than detrimental at this point. I just see myself coping well - that it will be hard, and I'll get through it.

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I'm not too concerned about labor atm. Just the fact of not knowing when it's going to happen is making me nutty. I've already wrapped all the xmas presents bc I'm so worried the baby will show up and my kids won't have a Christmas lol. I'm also overwhelmed by the state of my house - it's just a constant mess since I'm working at home all day and the kids are here with me. It's not even that I'm unmotivated to clean, I'm just so easily exhausted that it's disappointing when I can only get a few things done and then they are a mess again. I spent a lot of time cleaning out our garage in Oct. and it seems like its chaos again but I just don't think I have time to get to that in my near future. 


I've been really uncomfortable the past few days. I only slept a few hours last night because I'm having what I think is third trimester morning sickness all day... Anyone else feeling sick? I usually get nauseous when I'm in labor, but this is just annoying now! Barf. 

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BARF here, too...I feel about ten weeks, not thirty-five! As for birth-y feelings, I've been swinging around. I'm really excited to meet this new little person, a little nervous about VBAC, and a bit sad that DS won't be my one-and-only much longer. My energy comes in bursts, maybe two per day, of varying lengths. All the rest of the day, my azz is draggin'. Hard to get things accomplished. We need some more freezer meals and I need to make granola bars/granola cereal. The baby stuff needs washed and organized.

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I have a really bad cold so definitely hoping he stays happy in there until I'm feeling better.

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Is anyone doing anything in particular to help bring on labor? (tea, oils, etc...) If so, when are you starting? I'll be 37 weeks on Tuesday and I'm thinking of going with RRL tea (which I've avoided because of the bh ctx I've had for half the pregnancy), and as much walking and nookie as I can tolerate starting around 38 weeks ;)

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No.  I think babies come when they come.  And I don't need to exhaust myself trying 800 wives tales to 'evict' the baby and then get frustrated when they don't work.

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OF all the things I've heard...I don't know of ANYONE who has actually had a home remedy work.  I walked, drank the tea, engaged in sex...nothing.


Like softlysinging said, the baby comes when the baby wants :o)

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I agree that babies most likely just come when they want.  I think the most productive thing that you can do is prepare yourself mentally and address any issues causing anxiety.  I think an open, peaceful, and ready mind lets your body do the work it needs.  :)

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Originally Posted by cedarwoman View Post

Is anyone doing anything in particular to help bring on labor? (tea, oils, etc...) If so, when are you starting? I'll be 37 weeks on Tuesday and I'm thinking of going with RRL tea (which I've avoided because of the bh ctx I've had for half the pregnancy), and as much walking and nookie as I can tolerate starting around 38 weeks ;)

I am drinking pregnancy tea (which has RRL in it), but I consider that more of a tonic for all of pregnancy rather than anything to help bring on labor. I was considering taking 5W with this pregnancy. My last pregnancy ended with an induction at 43 weeks and I really have no interest in repeating that.... the length of pregnancy or an induction :) I am still on the fence about actually taking 5W though..... I just can't decide. If I do take it, I probably won't actually start until at least 36-37 weeks because I will want to wait until I am done with the holidays and wrap up a few things for work before I will really feel even mentally ready to consider having my baby :)


Otherwise, I don't want to stress it too much. I want to have sex because it is fun and eat curry because it tastes good rather than because these things *might* bring out a baby.... you know? I want to really enjoy this pregnancy because I am 99% sure it will be my last. Of course, it is all easy for me to feel very zen-like right now at only 35 weeks.... once I am 40 weeks I might have a different opinion and plan of action though!!

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I think this all sounds like great advice! 

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Okay, what the heck is 5W??

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Originally Posted by chilichiki View Post

Okay, what the heck is 5W??

It is an herbal product made by Nature's Sunshine that is supposed to be taken daily for the last few weeks of pregnancy to prepare the body to go into labor. I have had a few clients swear by it, but it isn't something that I have personally ever used before. There is also a product called pn-6 that is similar, but with a slightly different mix of herbs (I think it has the addition of pennyroyal in it). So, these are not induction herbs, but tonics to help prepare. Part of me doesn't want to take anything at all with knowing that women's bodies work and they do go into labor and statistically speaking, very few women will ever go past 42 weeks with solid dates. The more emotional and less logical side of my brain just remembers how stressful it was going 3 weeks past my due date the last time and I really don't want a repeat performance this time around.


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Originally Posted by MidwifeErika View Post

... I want to have sex because it is fun...

This.  I hate to ask this, but does anyone have any tips for this right now?  I am officially huge and it seems like there is way that is comfortable right now... help!

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Side-lying with a pillow wedge under belly and one for your top knee to rest on... and leaning over a pillow mountain (or the bed, depending on how high your bed is...) thumbsup.gif

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we are at 38 weeks now.  dp is having acupuncture today and massage tomorrow - but more to help with her aches and pains and not to try and jumpstart labour.  we don't expect our little girl to come early.  our ob said he expected her to be as big as, if not bigger, than her brother.  we'd prefer to not have a Christmas babe so we are happy to wait until she is ready to come.  :)



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