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Breastfeeding and kidney stones

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Hi ladies
Little back story. On nov 24 I was rushed to the we with a kidney stone. I was 38 weeks 5 days. The pain was horrific. We decided to induce, had our beautiful baby boy. Breastfed. He lost 13% of his body weight. I was diagnosed with breast hypoplasia. Thru a strict routine of nursing-supplementing-pumping I'm able to give him about 30 % breastmilk each day. Went to my urologist, I have 12 kidney stones, plus most likely the original kidney stone in my ureter. I am facing sedation to go thru a Cytoscopy then lithotripsy. I'm wondering what to expect as far as how long I'll have to wait to breastfeed, also what kind if recovery period?

Part of me wants to just give up. It's so much work to produce the small amount that I produce. Ugh. I'm so frustrated.
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i don't have any insight to offer as far as how long you'll have to wait to breastfeed with your therapy for kidney stones, but i have some major hugs for you about the whole situation!!

kidney stones are terrible, terrible, terrible. being induced because of them, oh mama, i feel for you. and the hypoplasia just sucks, there is no way around that. i, too have hypoplasia and it is like some sort of sick joke. maybe you could put a call out to your tribal area to gather some breast milk donations?


in any case, i hope all is going a little better for you.

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Thanks for the reply smile.gif

I'm actually mentally in a better place. I've really come to accept where our brewastfeeding relationship is and am now really enjoying what we do. It may not be 100 % but it's a great relationship none the less.. I'm now receiving donor milk, and although he still needs formula on top if that I'm pretty ok with it all...

I'm sorry to hear you have hypoplasia :/ it really does take the wind out of your sails. I've learned so much over the last month about it. Sadly I think it's more common then we think
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Hi. I am currently breastfeeding my baby boy he is 8 months now. I went trough and abcess which is an infection for the blockage of the milk ducts and pus. It was terrible and Im breastfeeding on one side now just little milk on the other side. And before I got pregnant I went to the ER for some kidney stones but they just gave me some meidicine for the pain n so the pain went away. Now it started to hurt nad how can I know if it is kidney stones? If so how can that affect my baby?

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The pain of a kidney stone mostly is excruciating. When I went the second time they gave me medicine and told me to pump and dump for 24 hours.
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