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Hmm...multi-quote didn't work. Hrmph. Well, one of you cracked me up with the drunk for the holidays bit.


And, my second pregnancy symptom was wanting to shower constantly. Which is really weird. I can normally go days without a shower. But with my last pregnancy, I spent the last trimester in the tub. Actually, I lived in the birth tub in our living room for a full week before M was born.


Anyway, no cravings, really. Just have to snack more frequently to keep nausea at bay. :)

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The last few days I've been all about bagels with cream cheese and ham.  I bought a pound of ham yesterday morning and I just finished it.  Eek!  At least my cravings seem to burn out pretty fast.

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Originally Posted by Ninetales View Post

I bought a pound of ham yesterday morning and I just finished it.  Eek!

ROTFLMAO.gifI can totally imagine you sneaking to the fridge multiple times a day, eating ham!




Ok, my first craving - sour cream and onion potato chips. And not the healthy ones. The ones with tons of salt and artificial white crap. YUMMMMMMM


And whoever said orange juice in a cold frosty glass... oh man..... yeah, that would be good right now.


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I started experiencing some morning sickness/nausea over the past couple days. Right now, the only thing I feel like eating is cold chicken fingers. I actually made DH pick up a chicken finger dinner last night, just so I could refrigerate it and eat it cold today. nod.gif

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Willovia- that's funny you did that! nod.gif

Did you stand at the fridge and check on them every few minutes? lol.gif

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Subway Italian B.M.T.


I've seriously been dreaming about this... I asked hubby the other night to pick me up one on the way home but it was very close to closing time and he missed it so last night I practically BEGGED him to go get me one... when he brought it home the first bite I feared would not end well but miraculously stayed put and I was able to eat the rest of the sandwich easily. I had NO nausea for like an hour afterward and I felt great.... pretty much everything else I've consumed has not sat well.

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I woke up today craving some kind of broth soup.  It sounded amazing!  So I raked through our cupboards and found a can of vegetable broth with a "best before" date of 2006!  Whoops.  Not eating that.  Yuck.  I finally found some miso soup packets and, man, did that hit the spot. 

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Last night after my partner got home from work (around midnight) I said I was hungry and he listed off all the food in the house and NONE of it sounded good, because I wanted a Wawa cheese hoagie (provolone, shredded lettuce, mayo & PICKLES on a mini hoagie roll). So he went out and got it for me love.gif 


Actually, that sounds good now too.


I have been less into sweets this week... not completely turned off, but I definitely want less, and the really sweet stuff sounds kinda gross. For once, an orange sounded better than ice cream for a bedtime snack.  

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Oh my the cravings. This has been the strangest start to pregnancy that I have ever had when it comes to stomach up set and cravings. For the last week it has felt like I have a hollow/achy spot in my stomach and only certain things will make it feel better. All I want to eat is noodles, chesse, meat, meat and meat. I like italian sodas and pickles. I love potatoes and more potatoes.  I really don't want anything fresh except maybe an apple here or there. All in all I really can't stand the constant upset stomach, I haven't had it this bad with my other two pregnancies, I really hope it goes away fast.

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Dawning Sun, that's exactly what I've been having!  No fresh foods, and I actually had a cheeseburger with extra pickles today.  Not my usual food.  I've really been craving salty foods like broth and pickles.  I need to find some wholesome alternatives.  I'm heading to our local co-op tomorrow to find something that is reasonably healthy.  I was pretty good about making spinach and kale smoothies until these last two weeks.  I guess I need to jump back on the smoothie wagon.

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I have had a piece of toast with cream cheese and raspberry jam every morning.  But other than that, I can't eat the same thing twice.  It's useless for me to buy anything because after one serving I can't stand to look at it again.  I've been eating out a ton because then I just get the one meal of it and don't have to look at leftovers.  Fresh food is less appealing to me too.  Sushi (cooked) is a fave, burgers (luckily we have two places that do gluten free buns and all organic!), Chipotle burrito bowls.  I am less into sweets too.  But a candy cane saved me from barfing when I when as a chaperone to the Nutcracker with my son's Kindergarten class (there were honestly about 4500 kids at the performance and I struggling until I found the candy cane in my purse!)

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Originally Posted by ainh View Post

It's useless for me to buy anything because after one serving I can't stand to look at it again.  I've been eating out a ton because then I just get the one meal of it and don't have to look at leftovers.  Fresh food is less appealing to me too. 


Oh my, I feel the same way. First it was chicken fingers, this weekend was Panera soup, today it was Wendy's. The thought of cooking repulses me. I'd rather eat something already made (mostly processed) and definitely not the same thing two days in a row.  I told my midwife how sick I was feeling and she said, "It's survival mode for food right now. Eat whatever you can keep down and you can make up for it nutritionally later on." That made me feel better because I would never have eaten like this before. crap.gif

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Dawning Sun, Lily Tiger, Ainh and Willovia same thing going on here which really surprises me.  I am all about fresh food, raw when possible, etc. But all that cooking and cleaning just for one small meal is too much right now and many smells make me sick when I am already feeling nausea.  Also finding it more appealing to eat out which isn't my usual style.  And I don't typically drink cow's milk but that has sure sounded good lately.  

Disclaimer - don't read below if you are currently feeling nausea 




I am craving salt and vinegar chips dipped in cottage cheese sprinkled with pepper.  It just sounds so good.  But I couldn't find any organic cottage cheese today, they were out.  I have to wait.  But I did eat plenty of the chips.  redface.gif

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My latest craving is cinnamon rolls (the kind in the refrigerated tube). I ate I think 4 of them yesterday, and had my partner get another package today (though we never got around to making them). And fruit snacks. And Dr. Pepper - which my partner went out for THREE TIMES today (first time was on a regular trip to the store & he forgot, 2nd time he didn't find my first choice [tiny cans] and didn't realize regular cans were ok, and the third time he insisted on going back out to get the regular cans even though I told him to forget it). What a good guy! 

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" salt and vinegar chips dipped in cottage cheese sprinkled with pepper" OMGoodness this sounds amazing -- I'll be seeking out this snack asap!  My cravings so far are any kind of beef, smoked oysters, and cheese.  Also I was at a holiday party yesterday and snuck (as in made sure DH was not looking b/c we quit soda ages ago) some Pepsi -- I just *had* to have a taste & it was pretty satisfying.




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Joy2grow, you can also try BBQ chips, so good!  And how funny about the Pepsi.  I used to be hooked on DP many years ago but quit and never have them, DH quit too.  Last night we were at a restaurant and I kept seeing this drink everywhere and the table next to us kept getting refills of it and I really, really, really wanted a glass.  I refrained.  But I still want one.   

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MM- The pickled eggs comment made me feel a little sick. greensad.gif lol.gif


I've got a strange, non food craving...showers. I think it's the underlying yucky feeling I have each morning for awhile. But I start to get this feeling like I need to take a shower, that would feel really good (it has absolutely nothing to do with getting clean).  It's the feeling, the warm water, something...I'm actually craving.  This is a new one to me.  Anyone else have any non food cravings?

No! me too ! only or me its baths. Our water bill skyrockets when I'm pregnant, with my son, i'd take like 3 baths a day. Not long ones either. I just liked being in the water. 


Foodwise? Its ALL aversions right now. However the ONLY thing I can eat without feeling like I want to positively DIE afterwards is french fries. Which is weird. But ok, I'll run with it. I'm hoping once the aversions go away that I can eat more of the fruits and veggies I love (I wish I could quit you avocados!!). My weirdest one is pickles. I friggin LOVE pickles normally. And the worst part of it? I canned over 40 jars of pickles from my yard this summer and ever time I pass them on my way to the laundry I gag at the thought of eating them. 


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sol_y_paz, I totally took a cue from you last night and had Lays Limon chips dipped in cottage cheese. Yuuuum.



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That actually sounded pretty good to me too!



But today I'm really craving some movement and some really clean foods like a green smoothie and salads. All the heavy stuff has me feeling heavy and I don't like it. I finally got a blender, after mine being broken for a couple of months. I've been buying green smoothies from the store, but they just aren't the same to me. I prefer mine. I also got a dehydrator and plan on making some things today. Haven't decided on what, but maybe some zuchinni chips, or just some dehydrated fruit.

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I've been craving fresh stuff, and since I'm travelling and staying with family for the holidays, I don't currently have it.  Salads, green smoothies...drool, but I also want french fries, tots or potato chips with it.  I'm completely not feeling sweets at all.  Blech.  Biggest craving though, fresh soft bread with thick slices of swiss cheese, romaine lettuce and super ripe tomatoes with a little mayo, and I normally hate mayo.

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