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freaking out.

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8 weeks PP, still bleeding.  Went to the OB yesterday and they did an ultrasound- uterus isn't shrunk down yet because there is still 'stuff' in there.  Retained placenta, clots, who knows what.

DD was born by c- section, and my doula who encapsulated my placenta thought that they ripped it out of me.  She said that it was missing parts.  My chart documentation says that there was "1 adherent cotyledon" that had to be removed with "repeated wiping with a lapartomy pack and some teasing with a kelly clamp".  Who knows if they got everything.  Current cynical mind says no.


So the OB gave me a 2 day prescription of methergine to take every 4 hours.  The bottle has a big fat warning label against using it while breast feeding.  Allegedly that's because it will decrease my supply, which sucks, but it also gets into the milk.  I'm scared of having a lowered supply, and also scared of the medication getting passed through to my daughter.  I don't have a pumped stash built up, so what I've got is what she gets.


I go back in on Monday for another ultrasound to see if everything is out or not.  If it isn't, they're going to schedule a D&C.  The doc said he hopes that the d&c would get it all, but there's a possibility of needing "something more invasive" if that doesn't work.


I'm pretty terrified right now.  Number 1 priority is that nothing ends up harming DD.  Next on my list is wanting no permanent damage to me.   My husband and I talked about DD being our only child, but I am not sold on that idea, and certainly don't want the option of more children taken from us.


cramping has picked up, as has my bleeding, but no clots yet. 


Anyone have any experience with methergine?  Thoughts? Advice?  E-hugs?

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I am still having some light bleeding, too, so this freaks me out as well. I am almost 8 weeks pp. Were you having pain, too? I am not.

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I haven't experienced it, but I can send you many hugs!!! I hope it resolves itself soon.
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No experience or advice but tons of hugs!!! Keeping everything crossable crossed that the clots will come out and that things will resolve themselves so no d&c is necessary. Hang in there!  grouphug.gif

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I'm so sorry! 

I think methergine is pretty commonly given after childbirth, so I *think* it's probably OK for when nursing, but what did your OB say? Any LCs or something you can talk to and ask? Taking meds while BFing is stressful, but you have to do what you have to do. 

It sounds scary, but you've got to take care of yourself so you can take care of your little one! I had to go on methergine for a missed miscarriage, so it's not much help in your situation- but it made me crampy but fine and it got the job done. Hopefully it does the same for you and this is all a memory soon!

Lots of e-hugs!


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I took methergine after ds was born and was nursing. Very common. I am SO sorry that you are going through this.

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Thanks everyone.  I didn't ask any questions when the OB gave me the perscription, unfortunately.  Everything I've looked up seems to say that it is bad for pregnant people because it causes contractions, not because it harms the child; and that it is bad for breastfeeding moms because it decreases supply, not because it harms the child.  Lots more peace of mind knowing that there's  no harm to the kiddo.

Taking meds while BFing is stressful, and then I stress out that I'm stressing out and that it is going to mess with supply.  Vicious cycle.



PP so far, I haven't been having much pain.  c-section area has been tender, but I figure that's normal.  Some mild cramping every time we BF, but I figure that's normal too.  My belly hasn't gone down all the way yet, but I thought that was just a matter of time.  I felt silly calling the doc, honestly, figuring "I'm tired of bleeding" is a dumb reason to go in.

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According to Dr. Thomas Hale's Medications and Mother's Milk (2004 edition) it is considered an L2 Safer


Drug which has been studied in a limited number of breastfeeding women without an increase in adverse effects in the infant. And/or the evidence of a demonstrated risk which is likely to follow use of this medication in a breastfeeding woman is remote.


I am so glad you went in. I trust dr hales recommendations fully and would say that it is completely safe for you to take and not worry.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is breastfeeding.

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I've had a few clients have retained parts. Methergine hasn't ever worked, but I'd still give it a shot to avoid surgery.
A d and c is both a big deal and not a big deal. Most women feel 100% better ASAP after getting stuff out. An recover quickly. I'd suggest looking for donor milk right now to cover 12 hours in prep for after a d and c. If you dont need it, awesome.
sorry terse,NAK
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I am at 10 weeks and also bleeding fresh blood. I am scared to go to the doctor...I wonder what can happen if I let it go? I also have not pumped and I doubt I could get enough. And then there's the fact of having my stuff messed with...terrifies me :( My labor and birth were totally fine, no extra bleeding or anything. My uterus went down. I have no idea why I'm still bleeding so much. My other three births, I stopped bleeding by a month, but usually at 2 weeks pp!

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purplerose, yikes. I would definitely see a health care provider for that. Can you just take the babe with you?

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I suggest getting it checked out- infection is a big possibility that you don't want to mess around with.  An ultrasound was a quick and painless way to get a peek at what was going on.


AFM, the methergine didn't do anything and I ended up going in for a D&C last Thursday.  The doctor said he found two 2-3cm chunks that needed to be removed, and now everything should be clear.  I'm still bleeding, but that could be because of the procedure.  I don't feel any different, but I wasn't feeling bad to begin with.  I'll go in for a follow up early January to see if things settled back into place properly.


I took DD with me to the hospital for the procedure, and she nursed before I went under and again in the parking lot before we got home.  I was really vocal to the anesthesiologist about my breastfeeding, and they used the lowest possible amount of the safest things available.  My lactation consultant looked them up and gave me the green light to nurse as soon as I was awake enough to do so.  All in all, not bad.


There was one incident that was bad, though- the nurse was looking over the paperwork before the procedure, and going over things with me and DH.  She said "you're getting a D&C" and we said yes, and then she said, "and a possible hysterectomy" and I just about died.  I said "I sure hope not!" and she looked at the paper again.  "Oh sorry, I mean hysteroscopy."


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Yeah, I'm still bleeding a bit at nine weeks. It's sort of yellowish and brown now but I'm still having long stretchy strings of dark reddish-brown stuff. My doc said it was okay at 7 weeks pp. Wonder if I should call again?

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Mine never changed off of the bright red 'fresh' blood.  That said, 9 weeks is such a long time to deal with the annoyance of still bleeding, I'd probably call just to make sure everything is working as intended.

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