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Chemical pregnancies?

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Hi all,


So my partner and I just tried for our first month and I'm pretty sure I just went through a chemical pregnancy. Two days ago I took a pregnancy test in the morning (Rite Aid Early Test) and it was clearly positive - a faint line, but a line nonetheless; then the next day I took another one in the morning and had the same thing. Then later yesterday I took two others because I noticed my symptoms decreasing (I had really marked breast tenderness and swelling) and they were negative; took an FRER just now and it was negative (after several hours of not peeing so I am pretty sure it is right).


How common are these? Does having one make it more likely I'll have another? Is there anything that can be done to prevent them, and / or does it mean anything about, say, my uterine lining? Is it actually kind of a good sign, because at least we were able to get pregnant on the first try? How long do you have until you get out of the chemical-pregnancy-risk window?


I definitely know that next time around I won't take any tests until the missed period. The only reason I did this time was because I was having such intense breast soreness that I knew something had to be up....





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Sorry to hear about this.  greensad.gif  Chemical pregnancies are actually VERY common - I've read they make up 50% of all pregnancies, but that most women never know about them because their period is on time or just a few days late.  No, having one does not make your chances greater to have another.  No, there's nothing you can do to prevent them unfortunately unless you suspect that you have a short luteal phase that could have contributed to the miscarriage.  But you will most likely have a healthy pregnancy next time.  There's no need to wait to try again after a chemical pregnancy - and yes, that's great you were able to get pregnant the first month of trying!  I hope you conceive again soon with a healthy pregnancy!

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How do I know if I have a short luteal phase? I average 12 days and had a minimum of 11 days once.... is that too short?

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No that's not too short.  Anything less than 10 days is too short and may prevent proper implantation.

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Well, the saga continues... I just used an Internet strip test and then hubby and I went to the grocery. Got back about 20 or so min later and it was positive. I know that's too long to do a reading, but I've also never had a test "turn" positive after being discarded.... is that the risk that they want you to avoid when they say don't read it after 20 minutes? Or is that because they don't want an evap - for your positive result to fade?


So confusing. AND I had a beer last night because I thought I wasn't pregnant anymore. Great.


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I am sorry you are going through this. It is really strange that the First Response Early Result did not pick up the hcg if this is the case. I think that you are getting such inconsistent results because it is very early and the hormone has not built up enough in your urine when you test inconsistently (with different concentrations of urine at different points in the day and different tests). Did you test with first morning urine on the internet strip? That is really important at this early stage. That is really the only explanation that comes to mind. Can you post pictures of your test results?


Here is what I would do: no more tests today, even if you hold your urine for many hours. You need to compare the results under the same conditions and with the same test, since it is very unusual to get such drastically different results. Tomorrow morning, take the same internet test strip you got a positive with today (and/or the first result test) with your first morning urine. Then, do not test again that day. Do the same thing on Tuesday morning if your results Monday were inconsistent with what you got today and af still has not arrived. If you get a positive tomorrow with the same test, I think you can stop taking tests and head over to the August due date club!






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Oh I misunderstood- I thought you already started bleeding after getting a positive pregnancy test.  Well, if not, then there's certainly a good chance that you're NOT having a chemical pregnancy!!!  Only read the results from a pregnancy test within the timeframe it says.  If it's after the time, then the test result is inaccurate.  So how many days past ovulation are you?  If it's still very early, it is possible that some tests will be positive and others will be negative.  Your hCG levels will double every 2 or 3 days, so wait a couple days and then test again and you'll have a better chance of it being positive if you're in fact pregnant.  Good luck!!!

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I did read the test results after the time allotted- I saw the line about 20 - 25 minutes after I took the test. Right now I am probably about 10 dpo - this month was weird because I was sick, so my temperature is all over the place.

BUT I also had a spike in temperature this morning, which seems like a good sign, right??


I have a doctor's appt on Tuesday for a blood test. Andaluza I think that sounds like a great suggestion - I can't take any more tests, it's too stressful.


The internet strip I took yesterday morning was negative, and also negative when I took it in the afternoon before. Then yesterday afternoon I took the FRER, but that was after I'd already peed a few times - I did try to hold it in and not drink too much water for three hours but that may have made a difference...


My poor husband is so confused- he said, please don't tell me any more about the tests until we know what the doctor says....

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Oh also - the test I read after about 20 minutes or so, and the line had dye (the second line) - making me think it wasn't an evap....?

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OK, so I know I said your idea was a good one Anzaldua, but now I just took another one (ahhh! I am out of control. I just want INFORMATION, you know?) and this one was also positive - very, very, very faint line, but definitely a line that showed up within 5 minutes. Now I guess I just have to wait. I guess if I did have a chemical pregnancy there could be enough HCG left over to make a positive... but that doesn't really make sense since the last time I took it, yesterday, it was totally negative.



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totally rooting for you, hadleymonroe!  keep us posted!  

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not sure if it will be of any help or consolation, but i had a bfp with my #2, followed by two negative tests- one the same afternoon, and one the day after.  i'm not sure why.  diluted urine?  who knows.  i was convinced i was pregnant, though,  and took yet another test the day after (still the day before AF was due), and got a clearer bfp.   had a great, healthy pregnancy.  he's three now. hugs to you, and wishing you peace, whatever the outcome.

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I would say a chemical pregnancy is very unlikely if you haven't had any bleeding.  And 10 dpo is VERY VERY early for a pregnancy test - sometimes implantation hasn't even happened yet that early.  Sounds like you are pregnant but just so early that not every test is going to show up positive.  So I say congratulations! smile.gif

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Hey Hadley, I noticed this thread and thought I'd quickly chime in here also. Now that I think about it, I had bleeding with my chemical pregnancy and then tested positive after (so I assumed it was implantation) so I agree with mamaforever, it seems unusual that you've had no bleeding. I'm so glad you're able to go have the blood test done as hopefully that will put your mind at ease!

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Well another Internet strip and a FRER testead negative with FMU so I am thinking I am probably not pregnant... it is so weird though. And yesterday I had a temperature spike, from 98.0 to 98.55, and then this morning it was down to 97.66: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/377f3b


I am going to go in and have a meeting with my doctor tomorrow and probably do a blood test just to see, though. And then I guess we try again in 2 weeks!

I would LOVE a cup of coffee right now but am holding off... should I?


Thank you guys so, so much for your comments during all this - it is nice just to have other thoughts... and doularebekah, I know we had that exchange about insurance and the blood test on another thread, but YES: I am so glad that you live somewhere where health care is considered a right, not some weird bonus you get for working your butt off, if the company feels like it! The worst part is that hubby and I are both college teachers. Great, eh? My doctor makes jokes about how bad my insurance is. Last year, they wouldn't cover me getting stitches out of my thumb after I cut myself cooking. I was like, uh, am I supposed to just yank them out myself with my teeth, orangutan style??? hopmad.gif  What jerks (and here I refer to every single person who's trying to block universal health care in the U.S.... sigh....). Ok, end rant.

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Hi I just read your post.  Sorry your going through all this.   I hope your case is different but FWIW when my husband and I started TTC the exact same thing you are experiencing happened to us.  The first month I tested early and got a BFP two or three times.  Since I am a complete testing maniac, I tested a few days after the BFP and I got a negative.  I had already made an appointment with my OB and he suggested I come in just to make sure, but it did end up being a chemical pregnancy.  I was really upset but he helped put things in perspective by telling me that if I looked at it in a positive way it meant that I could conceive.  My DH and I tried again the following month and we got another BFP and nine months later a healthy baby boy! 

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Glad you're seeing your dr.!  I'd drink the coffee.  Keep us posted!

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A very faint BFP is totaly normal at 10DPO. And also depending on sesitivity of your over the counter test it may not pick up what an internet cheapy will. I have had all of your experiences. I have had false BFP's with internet cheapies, (and some store bought as well), I have have iternet tests give me BFP's and experienced fear when store boughts did not pick up the HCG until many days later, and I have had BFP's stay faint and then fade due to chemical pregnancies. This is the horrible thing about testing early. But you do have a good chance since you already experienced symptoms. That is always a good sign in early pregnancy. I know they have faded, but experiencing them at all should give you some hope. The only way to calm your worries is to do bloodwork. It will show your levels either rising or falling or show that you are not pregnant. TTCing is such a roller coaster some months. But I am sending you sticky vibes and hoping for the best. Keep us all updated! Best of luck to you.

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Hi all,


Well, I had another faint positive line today, and went to the doctor for bloodwork. Won't know until tomorrow, and then after that, she wants me to come back in on Thursday to see if the levels are rising - she said she felt pretty sure that the test would show some HCG and that now it's just a matter of seeing if it's progressing normally.

Here's hoping! Thank you so much everybody for keeping me company over this wait - it has been hugely, hugely confusing. I think the fact that this is my first month trying has made me really rash about testing - if I have to go through this again I will be way more conservative in my testing..... nut.gif

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Hey Hadley, I've been thinking about you today with your blood tests. I'm glad you got to go and am crossing my fingers for some great results! Don't worry, it was my first time trying when I had a similar experience to you and I went completely nuts with testing! I even tested in between my blood tests because not knowing and being completely out of control of what was going on made me a little crazy! My poor husband was begging me just to wait and see, and I think like you I'll be much more conservative - and wait longer to test! - the next time around. 


I hope you can have a bit of a restful day for the rest of today, look forward to an update tomorrow :)

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