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3 Months Old already!

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Tuesday was my daughter's 3 month birthday... I can't believe it! Here she is in the Bumbo. She can almost sit up by herself! She has the strength, just not the balance yet. Her brother sat up unassisted at 4 months, so I don't think it will be much longer! 


What are your babies up to? What would you like to brag about? orngbiggrin.gif



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Oh she  is ADORABLE! Kai is also crazy strong...and motivated!! if you hold him up by his armpits he will put full weight on his legs and walk around!!! I honestly had no idea that was possible at three months (as of Thursday). He talks sooooo much and has already doubled his birthweight...and this last week he stopped pooing after every feed, just one massive poo a day now!


On the downside...he still eats every 1-2 hours around the clock...he slept better as a newborn eyesroll.gif



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Cute babies!! love.gif

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AW they are getting big so quick! Cassidy, three months on December 5th, is doing awesome, figure she weighs around 15 lbs now! here is a recent pic... she is holding her head up when she's on tummy for awhile, and a couple weeks ago she was rolling, but then she stopped.. She is talking a ton too! I wish I knew what she was saying! She also does this really cute thing where she's falling asleep in her swing and right at the last moment before she's asleep she looks at me and smiles. I LIVE for this moment :) P1100630.JPG

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I loved seeing your babies getting so big already! wow! we should post pics more often.


Luke isn't going to be 3 mos until the 26th so he's a few weeks behind here. He's still a little guy, trying to catch up after losing a lot of weight in the beginning due to latch issues. So happy to be past all of that and breastfeeding easily and happily now. So...he's going to be 11 weeks tomorrow and weighs somewhere around 11.5 pounds. We have a ped appt on Tues so I'll find out then where he's at for percentiles. He's wearing 3-6 mo clothing because he is so tall.  He's a happy guy, full of smiles and lots to say to everyone. He has such an intense look of concentration sometimes when he is "talking," it cracks me up and melts my heart.


He's a good sleeper at night, usually blessing me with a 5-6 hour stretch of sleep first thing and then lighter sleep after that. I know from my other children though that this could change at any time so I am not taking it for granted!! During the day he has just started being awake a lot more so I am figuring out his nap routine. And in the process have missed his cues a few times and ended up with a hysterical baby. Sigh. So I'm paying much closer attention now and being more consistent.


He still doesn't like any baby carrier that I have tried, much to my chagrin. That would sure make life easier with an active almost 4 year old to care for as well. I keep trying though! He has lost most of the brown hair he had at birth and I think he may be blonde eventually. Also interested to see what eye color he has, as his brother and sister have blue and green and I have brown.


Luke 120611.jpg





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Alexander has become a dream sleeper at night - he can go up to eight hours on some good nights now, but it's usually around six. He'll wake up in the morning around 6-7 for a bottle, then he might sleep for another hour. Unfortunately, he's more or less dispensed with his daytime napping. He'll do little catnaps, but that's about it. So I'm not sure how excited to be for him sleeping the long stretch at night...


He can also hold up his head really well, and is starting to insist on sitting upright a lot. Just today he was sitting in my lap and kept trying to pitch himself forward so he wasn't leaning on me. And he rolled over a few times all by himself this week. 


I can't believe how big he's gotten and how time has flown. Today was my last day of maternity leave. :-( I'm starting back up working from home through at least the end of January, but I'm sad not to have my full, undivided time with him anymore... anyone else going (or gone) back to working? 

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