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I'm sorry you're feeling doubtful about your love toward your child.  There have been a lot of useful comments from previous posters....


To add.... I feel more loving to my son who is now 17 months than I did when he was first born.  It took awhile for the bond to establish.  I still have some resentment at times --when I am tired or feel trapped in the house--I can get really annoyed and wish I had my life back when I didn't have a child and lived alone.  I used to have a very clean, tidy and quiet apartment and now I have a house with a noisy, slightly messy husband and toddler.  I find counseling has helped me a lot.  I also am trying to work on having more ME time but admit if feels weird to relax!


Please keep us posted on how your doing and never hesitate to seek support. :)