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Family bed NOT working anymore!

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First I should just state that my twin girls have entered a whole different stage! They are 7 months and about 2 weeks ago began to cry and scream almost all the time. One of my girls is a really loud and high pitched screamer which I have posted about here before. So anyway, we have a family bed. One twin sleeps next to me and the other in a co-sleeper next to my hubby. The one in the co-sleeper is now refusing to sleep for any longer then 20 minutes at a time at any point in the day or night. She wakes up doing her high pitched scream that makes our ears ring. We are at our end with patience and ideas on that one!


This problem only came up a few weeks ago, until then they would sleep for 3-4 hours at a time only waking to eat from about 7pm to 7am. It was a sudden and unpleasant change. 


I have been reading some ideas on the Internet today and picked out some I feel that I can live with. Unless someone proposes a better idea the plan tonight is to move the co-sleeper to the end of our bed with both girls in it and take turns with baby duty through the night. We plan to put them to bed when drowsy but not asleep, swaddle blanket them, turn on noise machine and turn off the lights then go downstairs and come back in to soothe them ever so often until they fall asleep. 



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Mine seem to go crazy at that stage, too.  For us, it is usually the onset of teething (mine teeth late...don't get their first until 10-12 months), and the cusp of walking (they walk early).  At 7-8 months, they are all.over.the.place crawling, climbing, cruising, etc.  I think their little brains are so exhausted from working so hard all day, and I suspect their muscles are sore.


Sometimes trying an extra nap helps, but mostly we just wait it out until they get through the developmental stuff.  Oh, also, mine seem to get hungrier at that stage.  Maybe from all the extra movement?  I usually don't start giving solids until closer to a year, but with my next baby I'm going to start when this craziness hits...maybe I can avoid being an all night buffet this time.  A hefty bowl of oatmeal right before bed seems to do the trick for my 14 month old now. :)

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I agree with pp.  Mine are 9 mo now, and 7-8 mo was a big transition for them.  One has had teeth for about a month, the other should be popping hers any day now.  If you can bear with them, they should settle down.  

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