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elderberry use

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anyone know if you can use elderberry while pregnant?  DD just came down with a wicked cough and i really don't want to catch it too!


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Elderberry is one of my very favorite plant allies, and I have never heard of it being contraindicated for pregnancy.

Honestly, if an herb is not commonly known to be contraindicated ie pennyroyal, i assume a usual dosage will do no harm. I would only be extra cautious about doing very large amounts of anything not specifically recommended for pregnancy support.

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This. I've never heard of elderberry being a problem for pregnancy. I actually wind up taking a lot of herbal remedies in pregnancy. Cranberry, corn silk, dandelion, etc. I avoid valerian (commonly used when not pregnant) and I'll probably not do the cohoshes this time, but that was of course in very late pregnancy when I was trying to induce.

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