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Is anyone still swaddling? Cassidy still has crazy arms and needs to be swaddled in order to get real rest... 

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Yes, but we're about a month behind you :)


DS1 was swaddled till about 4 months I think when we weaned him off, one hand at a time :)  Once he was rolling over and could sleep on his belly, he was a better sleeper!


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Yup! He loves it. 450
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super cute picture! I had heard about the weaning... but I was wondering how you can wean if their arms still wake them up? By weaning does their body somehow learn to not flail in their sleep and wake them up? Cassidy has never been a tummy sleeper, she gets too worked up trying to hold her head up... but maybe one day... 

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We stopped about a month ago because Alexander won't abide having his arms restrained anymore. He likes to sleep with both arms extending fully to his sides... which also makes for a cozy fit with three of us in bed. Even before we stopped swaddling, we have to do a fake swaddle with at least one of his arms out. He was never real big on it. 

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We swaddle our DD. We stopped for about 2 weeks, but then DD started having difficulty falling asleep (read: I got hardly any sleep) so we started swaddling again. Our DD is 2 1/2 months and I've heard that you shouldn't swaddle after 3 months. Has anyone else heard this? Should I be trying to get her to sleep without swaddling now?

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My middle children both swaddled until about 9 months.  It wasn't a tight swaddle, just their arms.  Then one night, they didn't have the swaddle and they didn't have any issues adjusting.

Mothering › Groups › September 2011 Birth Club › Discussions › swaddling?