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I guess you just never know what kind of birth you'll get! I was exactly like my mom...eerily similar. Same length of labor, same time of day and same length of gestation for my first 2 children! My Sis(her second babe) was a sunnyside up baby with anterior placenta, 4 hour birth, 5 days overdue...my second was EXACTLY the same except he was also a face presentation. I have to say that for both of our births to be that similar...I do think it has to be the mother/daughter connection.
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sooooo any UC's yet? Im so excited to hear all the stories and see pictures! joy.gif MY edd is th 18th but i am feeling like any day now will be it. DD was a week early. how are you all holding up? 



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I'm not UCing this time, but I did with my last birth and I'm looking forward to hearing about all the UCs anyway! love.gif I was curious about our UCers as well! Maybe you will be first!

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I feel the same way, Itsy! I'm due on the 18th too but I'm feeling like it could happen pretty soon...or it's just wishful thinking as I'm SO ready to meet my baby!!!!! Plus I tend to be a but nervous and anxiety filled before I go into labour...not so nice. Once I'm in labour...I'm as cool and relaxed as a cucumber wink1.gif I am very excited to hear the UC stories!! Come on babies!!
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So I have gotten as far as getting my hot tub more or less ready (I still need a new garden hose) and making sure one of my good Mama friends will be here, so I guess that's the bare bones of what needs to be in place for me to do this thing, lol. I keep telling myself that I want to find a midwife to come in for an hour or so at the end, but at 37 weeks today, I have done virtually nothing towards that. Truth is, I have so much other stuff going on, I'm just trying to get thru the next few weeks including two court dates, the second one two days before my due date, and then I can really feel ready. I am in this mind set that I am just not going to have this baby until my due date or later, and everything will fall into place because that's just how my life is by nature anyway. So I honestly don't have as much of a plan and preparations as I would like to, but it's OK, I am actually feeling much more confident and empowered as I get closer to it. I feel that this birth will be exactly what it needs to be, and in many ways I am less worried than usual.

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Jess, I hope the timing works out for you, it seems like you have a really good attitude about things. I'm also feeling more confident the closer I get to giving birth, even though it's my first time.


We did the birth pool trial run last night, despite both DH and I being a bit tired and cranky. It took over an hour to fill it, thanks to our tiny hot water heater tank, but I think it will be ok. Once it was mostly full I got in and OMG it was wonderful!  We don't have a bathtub at the place we've been living since November, so it was a real treat to be able to relax and float in the pool, especially since it's much bigger than a normal bathtub.   Today it was super-easy to drain it into the garden, thankfully we live on a hill so the water was very cooperative in getting out.


I've got my birth kit together, with everything I think we will need, so now all that's missing is my mom, who will be here in just over a week!  I think we're hoping for baby to arrive around the 22nd-24th, then my mom will be here and we'll be able to make the most of her stay since she's staying for just over 3 weeks.  It looks like DH will be away for work from May 9-15 (unless I haven't had the baby yet), but that should be fine since my mom will still be here.



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