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Blessingway Ideas?

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My, super great, friends are hosting a blessingway for me in about a month and asked what kind of things I would like to do at it. Anyone had a blessingway or been to one and what are the most memorable moments for you? I am looking for unique ideas. Thanks!

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i highly recommend a bead swap, and i had also seen this article a while back:

never done it but it looked so very sweet.  http://paintcutpaste.com/tag/pregnancy/ 

(the guests, including kids, make a watercolor painting of wishes and thoughts... then, later, strips are torn from the paintings and woven to make a frameable work of art.)

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Thank you for the suggestions. There are some neat ideas on that site you linked to also. :)

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if you look on flickr.com for 'blessingway' or 'mother's blessing', my pics will come up from almost 4 years ago.  i love creating the web of support at the end and each guest going home with a reminder to pray/think about the mamababy.

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