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That's great Ceriserenee!

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I can't help but wonder if my guess is really my true intuition, or if it's skewed because I kind of have a preference.  I mean, I'd be happy either way, but for some reason I just kind of picture another little girl in our family.  Plus I'm sick of everyone on both sides of the family telling me it's "time" for a boy, since there are two girls on each side already.  That's not how it works!

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I'm sort of in that place too, Ninetales. I was so sure with Cecilia that I was having a girl. This time, though, I don't have very strong feelings either way, and I think I just want to have a girl so badly that I keep thinking that as my guess.

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I originally thought that this second would be a boy too, but I just had a dream that it's a girl.  So I'm going to go with pink!  It could just be that I really want a girl and that's why I had the dream, but ehh it's still fun to guess.

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I think pink :) (would be very handy - due around the same time my DD was born so I have everything for a girlie :))

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I think we're gonna go with pink (although there will be no pink in our house!) , but I do wonder if its just because we have a girls names that we have both loved for a few years now and aren't nearly as sold on any boys names.  We also only have nephews, so we'd like to have the first girl. 

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I've taken a couple of the online tests to play around, and some say GIRL, a couple say BOY. 


As for what people want... Both RJ and Abeja want a little girl to spoil and another reason to go buy more shotguns. irked.gif


Me personally, I honestly hope it's a little boy, only because there is not as big of a gap between my daughter and the impending munchkin as I would like, and I would worry about her getting the shaft attention-wise if it were another daughter. I also know that Abeja, despite wanting to have a daddy's girl, is going to deploy soon, and is worried about buying the farm over in the 'Stan and not having anyone to carry on his name. But with both Abeja and I being carriers for cystic fibrosis, I am only wanting healthy.


On a totally geek note, having a little girl would be cool if only to be be able to dress them all up super-cute as Ichigo, Yuzu and Karin Kurosaki from Bleach for Halloween. :)


So I guess put me down for "No preference other than healthy" :)

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With my first pregnancy I knew (and wanted) a boy...I just knew it!!  With my second pregnancy I knew it was a girl (but wanted a boy) so I told everyone that I thought it was a boy (silly I know) and my DS (3 1/2) told me from the beginning that it was a girl (we ended up losing her at 21 weeks).  With this pregnancy I had no preference (sorta, dh was so sad about our daughter passing and he admitted to really wanting a daughter) but I know it is a boy, and DS has also said it is a boy too!  So I am going with boy :)


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