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Master List Gender/Surprise/Due Time

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This is a master list I am creating for all of us. Please post what you are having or if you are going for a surprise and about what day you are due.

I will update this original post every week. I will use this for the May 2012 DDC baby shower in Feb/March. Even if you don't plan on participating - feel free to post what you are having and due time :)

babyf.gif~~Early to Mid May Ladies~~:

May 15th and previous due dates grouped here :)



PolishPrinsezz/Lisa Due May 1st Boy

Natalya Due May 1st Gender Boy

AlittleSandy/Sandy Due May 2nd Gender: Girl

Mswmommy Due May 2nd Gender: Girl

Shastalily/Jenny Due May 2nd Gender: Boy

ShannonOwens May 2nd Boy


Maryamrose Due May 3rd Gender: Surprise

Persaphassa May 5th Boy

DragonFlySky May 6th Girl

PNWmama Due May 6th Gender: Surprise

Astraia/Grace  May 6th Surprise

Bubblema/Sarah Due May 7th Gender: Girl

Onemoreontheway/Kamiro  Due: May 7th  Gender: Girl

RenoKirbyButtrs Due May 7th Gender:  Boy

Rowdie Due May 7th Gender: Surprise

MeredithA Due May 8th Gender: Boy


Mlovesj  Due May 10th Gender: Girl


Mama2rio/Serena May 10th Girl

Janellody May 10thBoy


Forestmushroom Due May 10th  Boy


KM84 Due: May 11th Gender: Surprise

Poppyseed2012  May 11th Boy

Callieolie/Katie Due May 13th Gender: Surprise

Rozziemama Due May 14th Gender: Boy

LinnieThree/Lindsey Due May 14th Gender: Boy

Goddess3_2005 Due May 14th Gender: Girl

Julieandemett Due May 15th Gender: Girl


Maggiemay81 May 15th Surprise


Imanifaith11 May 15th Girl









babyf.gif~~Mid May to Early Summer Ladies:~~

May 16th and beyond due dates grouped here :)

SmilingSara May 16th Boy

Just1more Due May 17th  Surprise

BellawithBabe Due: May 17th  Surprise

Lightheartedmom Due: May 18th  Surprise

Lovingthis May 17th Surprise

GretchenC May 18th Surprise


EmtheWife May 18th Girl


FeministMama/Jen Due May 19th Gender: Surprise

Mami_Feliz Due May 20th Surprise

SaguaroMoon/Kristin May 20th Surprise


Sky May 22nd Surprise

The2amigos/JoAnn May 22nd Surprise

Addie May 23rd ????


Hollyann Due: May 24th Gender: Girl


Jynxgirl Due May 24th Gender: Boy

Arianrhod May 26th  Girl

MLOG Due May 26th Gender: Boy

Casmer May 26th Girl

Emelee May 27th TWIN GIRLS

Grizzlebee May 27th ????

Ozzy Due May 27th Gender: Boy

Cristeen  Due: May 28th Gender: Surprise

Plainmama May 28th Girl

Erratum May 31st surprise

PuppyLove22 May 31st Boy

/last post was the2amigos



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My EDD is May 28, and we're going for a surprise. 

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EDD is May 18, baby is a surprise. smile.gif
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EDD May 7--surprise

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Forestmushroom EDD-- May 10 --surprise  (unless I learn otherwise next week)

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May 3rd - sex will be a surprise!

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Been mostly lurking, but would love to get in on the action. :)


Due date: May 26th


Originally wasn't going to find out the sex, but undecided now... u/s scheduled for early January so we'll see.

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We found out Friday!  It's a.....BOY!!


We are very excited.  Dh and I are remarried with 3 kiddos each, 5 girls and the youngest is a boy.  My kids are all girls so it will be neat to do the baby boy thing as dh's boy didn't come into my life until he was 3.  :-)  Baby can now share a room with big brother.  They will be 5 years apart.


EDD is May 2nd.  Baby was measuring 5 days ahead but decided to keep the EDD since I am quite sure when I ovulated since I was charting.

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EDD is May 13, but both kiddos came at 38 weeks (and my dd was also due May 13th and came May 5th).  We're waiting for a surprise.

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Due date is May 10th and we found out last week we are having a GIRL

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EDD May 14, gender - surprise smile.gif

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EDD May 11, and we're keeping it a surprise.



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EDD: May 24th, Finding out the Gender in January

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Due Date is May 24th and we're aiming for a surprise. :D

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Due May 6 with a surprise smile.gif

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EDD is May 14th officially, but both ultrasounds dated baby at being due May 8th...so I'm just saying I'm due May 8th now :-) We *think* its a girl based on the last ultrasound pic but aren't certain :-) 


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FINALLY  I can post here... Janelle - DUe date is now May 10, and I am having a BOY!!!!  stillheart.gif

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Gretchen, due May 18 with baby #4. I think we will keep this one a surprise!

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Due May 2nd, gender BOY!!!


We just found out with the ultrasound yesterday. So excited, we'll have a girl and boy in our family!!

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Sky,  Due: May 22 Gender, we don't know :)

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