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Hoping for holiday BFPs! *~*The ONE Thread*~* Dec 11-18

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WELCOME TO THE "ONE" THREAD  for December 11 - 18!!!!

posted by alexisyael in 2004:

The One Thread is designed for all on the MDC board. No matter where you are in your cycle, you are welcome to join the One Thread! We are also open to those who are "Waiting to be Ready" for one reason or another. We continue to embrace those of us who have become pregnant as well. Feel free to jump in at any time and introduce yourself!

To help keep the list current and manageable, members will be deleted after a month of not posting to a One thread.

Please make add/remove/change requests in Bold.


whistling.gifWaiting to O whistling.gif


Allison Graham

anyalily BFPChart2.gif

ArtificialRed BFPChart2.gif

brichole BFPChart2.gif

Carlin BFPChart2.gif

chichimamma BFPChart2.gif

cbaa2010 BFPChart2.gif

doddledo BFPChart2.gif

doularebekah BFPChart2.gif

Fnord BFPChart2.gif

gozal BFPChart2.gif

JelloPanda BFPChart2.gif

jpack BFPChart2.gif

krunchyk BFPChart2.gif

Myllissa BFPChart2.gif

SilaMarila BFPChart2.gif



headscratch.gif Waiting to Know (2WW) headscratch.gif


Gator-mom BFPChart2.gif

Gemmine BFPChart2.gif



kittenbritches BFPChart2.gif


MamanFrancaise BFPChart2.gif

Mom2IrishBoys BFPChart2.gif


Sourire BFPChart2.gif

Stevi BFPChart2.gif


confused.gif WTF IS GOING ON?!?! confused.gif


idea.gif Waiting to be Ready idea.gif

gratefulstella BFPChart2.gif

jlmschirm BFPChart2.gif


Texanromaniac BFPChart2.gif
TTCChloeOrConner BFPChart2.gif
WildDoula BFPChart2.gif

joy.gif ~ GRADUATES~ joy.gif

Big congrats to you all!!


Graduate Thread in I'm Pregnant: 


 (the current thread keeper can update the graduate link as needed)


heartbeat.gif December BFP's heartbeat.gif


FeralFox BFPChart2.gif


heartbeat.gif November BFP's heartbeat.gif


Belia BFPChart2.gif


KnittenKitten BFPChart2.gif

taurustheta BFPChart2.gif

Thebyr BFPChart2.gif


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The 2WW feels awfully lonely! Where is everyone?


I will know either way a few days before Christmas. What an awesome thing that would be to share. And if it's negative, at least I will be able to enjoy a cocktail (or ten) at Christmas!

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Thanks for the new thread!!! =)


A Christmas BFP would be awesome. Although that would mean you'd be extra pregnant in the worst part of the Summer which is no bueno. LOL

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Thanks for the new thread- I'm in a boring part too, waiting for O... A Christmas BFP would be amazing, but my test date won't be until the 29th...

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Maman - FX for you!


TTCCOC - I was at the end of my pregnancy during the winter last time, and that was no fun either.  I was so afraid I'd slip on the ice.  And I had to buy so many maternity clothes, because I'm always cold so I needed three layers of giant shirts.  I'm happy to be experiencing a pregnant summer this time.


AFM, I'm ready to be moved to December graduates. biggrinbounce.gif  I'm definitely going to be popping in here from time to time though.

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Hi all - 


Chelci - sorry to hear DH is backing out... How frustrating!


FeralFox - congrats on moving to your DD club. HH9 months! Looking forward to hearing from you now and again.


MamanF - 2WW! My least favorite part. Hang in there. I hope you get your BFP for Xmas.


AFM - I am still waiting to O, but Oh so annoyingly, my DD is sick again, which means major sleep regression and me in her bed after about 2am. Poor baby is coughing her head off. But I have managed ONE temp this cycle and I am on day 9 or so. Grrr. I am doing some health check-ins, a bit of gentle cleansing and trying to drop a few pounds this cycle, before it is time to POAS. It gives me something else to think about. My MIL is coming from the Old Country for 3 weeks! So not a lot of BDing will be taking place, I can sense it. I am good with "not preventing and not trying" this month... I am resigned to it.

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hello, hello!


go ahead and move me to waiting to know... i'm pretty sure i am O'ing/have O'd today.


a christmas bfp would be FANTASTIC (even if that means i would be a giant preggo during the hottest month of the year) but i think i got my hopes up too far for a thanksgiving bfp so i'm wee bit cynical. technically my test date should be the day after christmas but we all know the testing will start way before then. this cycle preseed, estradiol, mucinex, and standing on my head (well, almost) has been added into the equation so we shall see if anything comes of it!


baby vibes to all (and sticky ones to those of you who are already knocked up!)

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May I be moved from waiting to be ready to waiting to know please. I'm 5 DPO today. Thank you.
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Official congrats FF!

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Thanks for the new thread MamanF!


I'm just hanging out waiting for AF to go away. At least I don't have to worry about whether its OK to have a drink or two over the Christmas season!

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Originally Posted by anyalily View Post

Hi all - 


Chelci - sorry to hear DH is backing out... How frustrating!



Thanks, it is frustrating, but I think waiting may be best. 

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Congrats on the move, FF.


AFM: My 6-week check-up is Wednesday. YAY for a work release and YAY for getting to work out!


These finals+Conner's cluster feedings (On hour 4 right now) may be the death of me...

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Hi Ladies, I'd love to join you! I chimed in on the TTC#2 -- I've got a great DD who will be 2.5 in a couple weeks. Today, I began cycle 4 TTC#2 for real. My DD was a "one-hit-wonder" so I didn't initially anticipate any delay in TTC#2. On the other hand, I never expected such quick success with DD because my mom struggled with infertility (a LPD) for 10 years and wound up only getting me.


In any event, my chart is http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/38671c and I'm waiting to O - I like having nothing to worry about for at least the next week! I started Vitex and a B50 complex, and I had less spotting at the end of my LP this month (still had it starting 10DPO but there was only a teensy bit). So, for Christmas, I'm asking Santa for plenty of EWCM and a longer LP! notes.gif


I feel particularly crappy this AM, thanks so much, AF!! Nausea and backache - and no BFP! It's like a little reminder every month what you're in for!


I've got a question for you all: didja give up coffee? I have a VERY close relationship with my java, it's like my personal prescription of Zoloft. I have two (extremely goodwink1.gif) cups per day. I make half-caf, so I'm pretty sure I'm under 200mg/day, and besides the occasional (yeah, right) chocolate, that's it for caffeine. I didn't give it up with DD until a few weeks in when my body totally rejected it. That lasted until 6 months or so when I wanted it again and had decaf regularly.


I'd love any one's thoughts and experiences on that. Though, I might actually need a prescription for my mood if I give it up! So, break it to me gently ...

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Thanks MamanF for the new thread!


Hi jpack and welcome! I'm sure there's a range of opinions on coffee, but I drink my one cup a day of espresso with milk (it's actually like a teacup size, less than 8oz. or whatever) in peace, and once in a while I'll have a second cup, though not daily. That's what I did when ttc#1 and it was fine. I had the same thing as you did, about 6-7 weeks in I didn't want coffee anymore and towards the end of my pg when I did want some, I had decaf and it was fine. I'm working with an RE now (rare medical issue that came up after my first pg) and she hasn't said one word to me about coffee. IME coffee tends to be this Bad Thing You Should Stop Doing While TTC in the US, but in my native country it's a total non-issue. Obviously, if someone doesn't particularly enjoy coffee, then why not just cut it out - but I love, love, love my morning coffee. OTOH I have never liked alcoholic beverages and hardly ever drink them anyway, so of course I'm not about to have one now. But for someone who adores beer and has an occasional one while ttc, I don't see a problem. FWIW, I'm a little nuts about minding the quality of the food we eat, but I consider coffee, tea, beer, et al. to be traditional foods and don't have an issue with them. That's my two cents! 


AFM, testing tomorrow. Gulp.

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Hello and welcome Jpack- I was told a little is fine. I have been doing one shot decaf lattes, but did break down and have some chocolate one day and some sweet tea on Sunday. I think as an occasional treat, it's nothing to worry about. I don't go anywhere near the 200mg max the March of Dimes recommends for daily intake and I was an avid coffee drinker pre-pregnancy. I weaned myself down to decaf over a few weeks when I began my IVF cycle.

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Hey ladies!

Just poppin in to say HEY!!! I miss this thread - it was home for almost 3 months. Feels odd not coming in here everyday. Sending you all some preggy lady baby dust!!!  dust.gif   Welcome to the new folks!

Good luck with your test Gozal!


I just hit 6 weeks yesterday - I guess you can move me to the Nov. Graduates, please - although I'm still being pretty cautious until I hear a HB on the 27th.

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Hey ladies, I'd love to join you! I'm 30 and TTC #1 after an early loss on our first try, pretty new to charting and still trying to figure this all out! I'm currently waiting to O, which is likely to come around Christmas/NYE if my previous cycles are anything to go by - you can see my chart here - http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/2244a1


Funny to see some of you talking about caffeine/food, that's something I've been trying to work on this cycle. Now that school is out for summer (WAHOO!!) I'm feeling a lot less stressed which is good for baby making and also just for taking the time to take better care of myself. I'm such a terrible stress eater (so many candy wrappers in my classroom desk drawer, ha) and now that I'm home all day I'm focusing on nourishing myself a bit better. Luckily for me I've never drank coffee, so that's easy and while I used to drink a crazy amount of Coke, now I that I only will drink organic cola it's easier since that is just much less common to find! Chocolate on the other hand....this is a struggle! It's funny, when I found out I was pregnant in October it was so easy to just give up all caffeine and sugar, but I've definitely let it creep back in over the past few weeks. 


I like what you were saying gozal, I don't think there is anything wrong with a cup of coffee, glass of wine, etc here and there while you're TTC. I think it's more about feeling nourished and healthy, in whatever way that looks for you and your body, than following a set of rules if you know what I mean!

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I came so close to going through an entire cycle with one donor... 5 days with Slim! Then today he was unavailable, right on the day I'm pretty sure I'm ovulating. Sigh. At least I had good backup, Svelte came to the rescue. LOL That's a funny! Hee Hee!


Think Fertile Thoughts!!!

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Thanks for your feedback, Doularebekah, Deborahgkelly, and Gozal! Sounds like you  and I like the same thing, Gozal! I should probably shrink my mugs, but espresso with milk is my morning perfection! It's great to have supportive people around here. Congrats Thebyr!


So I've got another question: anyone ever had extreme crazy PMS like your worst pregnancy symptoms and worst period symptoms all wrapped into one? I mentioned feeling crappy this morning, but it got so much worse as the day wore on. My chiropractor thought it might be the Vitex (she took it and thought it had impacted her pms). Anyone else have a rough time with Vitex? I'm feeling better this evening (one day pms on CD1 is normal for me), but I almost passed out at the gym after soaking in the hot tub (for the cramps) and was slammed by waves of nausea and heartburn all day! If something had to get straightened out, I sure hope it did and it's done!


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Hi, can you add me to the 2ww? I don't get to wait until Christmas to POAS but will be testing around 10DPO on the 18th. Anyone else testing around that time?

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