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I love it! Did you use a pattern for the diaper bag? I have a pattern for one in a baby stuff pattern book that I have that I'm thinking about trying.

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Thanks. No pattern; it's just squares and rectangles.

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I'm not quite good enough at sewing to do things without a pattern just yet. I'm so in awe of you for making that without one! I only just taught myself to sew a few years ago and I'm still a bit nervous to go "off book". haha

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Pictures of the couple things I have made so far...


2012-01-18_19-31-45_883.jpgBaby hat in wool/acrylic blend (Lion Brand "Amazing" yarn) in a relatively gender neutral varigated color. Single crochet spiral with a popcorn brim. I made it a little big, so it will probably be about size 3 months. I will be making some baby legwarmers to go with the hat


2012-01-25_15-57-12_255.jpgOpenwork hat & ribbed baby legwarmers in newborn size


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I love those hats and the little legwarmers are so cute! It's adorable that you photographed them on bears. Love it.

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The hats and baby leggings are cute!

I have decided to ditch knitting the wool soakers, contour diapers but may still knit the raw silk stay dry layer. I was getting frustrated making the needed adjustments to the pattern and I can get the fabric cheaper.

I bought the Darling Diapers Unlimited pattern, and using it to make the side snap wool soakers. I had enough wool on hand for 4 size newborn. They are all cut out, some snaps added and right sides sewn together. When my elastic arrives I'll tack in the elastic, turn and top stitch then add the last 4 snaps.

I order more wool ($3.99 a yard) from fabrics.com It will have to be felted. But I hope to get the last 2 newborn, 6 small and 6 medium out of it (we'll see).

Here is a picture from when I was drawing out the diapers 4a51162b-b9bc-9ef5.jpg

I'm using a free pattern for a one size.fitted pocket diapers, Little Bean Bum. I bought the cotton terry and cut out the pattern a couple hours ago.

I'm hoping for 30 of those. With any luck, I'll have them ready for elastic before it gets here (no snaps needed, we'll use snapies).

I still need to make some inserts too. I have some bamboo batting (feels like fabric) and some diaper flannel for those.
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lactomom - do you buy the 100% wool suiting fabric from fabric.com and just wash it to felt it?

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Yep, that's exactly what I've done/doing.

I put it in my washer, very large load (we have an old top load, extra capacity washer), hot water and add detergent.

I keep the agitation/wash cycle going for 42-56 minutes (Max setting is 14 min, so before it starts to drain reset it at the beginning). I'll take before and after photos this time.
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That is genius lol. I am goIng to ask my aunt if she would be able to work some of these up for me because I cannot sew and she is an awesome seamstress :)

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Thanks, LOL!


Here is the Darling Diapers Pattern, and I'm doing the tack in elastic method. Not that it has to me done the way I'm doing it. 


I checked on shipping. My elastic should be here tomorrow and my wool on Tuesday! Now I just need to order the raw silk. I'm back and forth on knitting them and sewing them. 

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Here is a complete newborn wool soaker. Originally I was going to use 2 layers of wool, tun and top stitch. However the fabric was just wasn't gathering right. I had some fold over elastic on hand, so I decided to give it a try. I think these will still work great, and I'll be able to make more wool soakers with the same amount of fabric.4a51162b-43d0-9c90.jpg
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Hmmm, im thinking of investing in several yards (suggestions for a 5'4 small/medium build how many yards for a cotton wrap) of organic cotton jersey. I wanted to get just white so I can cut in half (its 60" width) and dye them separately, naturally.


Any others made their own wraps with cotton jersey?

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this gives you an idea... it's based on their own sizes but it also tells you how many yards it is.

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My wraps (woven and stretchy) are 5 yards. My husband (5' 6" 225 lbs) and a good friend of mine (5' 8" about 290 lbs) need a 6 yard wrap.

There are MANY different kinds of wraps (mainly a few sizes going by a bunch of names world wide). But the wrap that is standardly though of in the US is above.
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My homemade wraps are all around 6 yards.  I feel more comfortable having some hanging and being able to knot it to my satisfaction.  I'm 5'5" and I am around 190lbs after the baby comes out, but still use them comfortably after all the weight is lost (hopefully will happen this time!) at 140-150lbs.

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Ooh, I love the diaper bag, ms. shell!


I'm starting on a baby cardigan in fall colors that will work for a girl or boy.  (Pattern: http://yarntootin.typepad.com/5%20hour%20baby%20sweater%20corrected.pdf)  I've already knit a couple hats, but I have other babies to give gifts to as well, so I haven't decided which ones I'm keeping. :)   I need to get going on some wool shorties, and I'm thinking about making some fitted diapers, but I don't know if I'll really do it.  I'd rather sew cute clothes!  I picked up Lotta's simple sewing book at the library.  I do hope this baby will let us see who s/he is!  I don't think I get an ultrasound until March...


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Originally Posted by ms.shell View Post

I finished my diaper bag.  I just posted the picture in the 52 project challenge thread, but remembered I promised to post it here.  That other picture I already posted is of the prettier side; It's in my album, if you want to see it you could click my user name to see the album.  This is the back side that I don't like as much!  Like I said, I think it's gender neutral?  It has 15 pockets, from credit card sized to a full size interior waterproof zip pocket.


What fabric did you use for the waterproof lining. It is such a beautiful purse I would love to make one (that is, after I teach myself to sew lol)



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What fabric did you use for the waterproof lining. It is such a beautiful purse I would love to make one (that is, after I teach myself to sew lol)


OH< I just now saw this, sorry.  Actually, I haven't been able to find any waterproof fabric locally.  But I happened to stop at the dollar store when they were having a sidewalk sale, and I picked up a couple of really thick, nice vinyl tablecloths for less than a dollar apiece.  I cut one of those to use for the waterproof lining in the large pocket of my bag.


So, I can't believe I made dresses for my little boy!  LOL  Tripleseven is having a boy, too...who is having a girl and wants me to send ya that little hippie dress I made (it's pictured on page one of this thread)?  

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A tablecloth is such a great idea! I was thinking of making a diaper bag myself and was wondering about the inner fabric. Brilliant. I'm going to start trolling the dollar stores for table clothes now. 

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I've started on baby quilt #1 as of this weekend. I'm really excited about it. I bought the fabric ages ago meaning to use the quilt for a lap quilt on the couch, but then I realized it's perfect for the baby. Even funnier, I've been on a kick of doing a bit of a woodland animal theme in the baby's room with a few extra owls here and there and the main fabric for the quilt has some cute little owls on it. So awesome. 


I've also been completely addicted to Pinterest lately. I've been bookmarking all sorts of ideas and patterns and such that I come across. I'm planning to make as much stuff as I can. If anyone is interested, here is my board of DIY baby stuff: http://pinterest.com/sarajanekramer/diy-baby-stuff/


There is a lot of cute stuff on there. I'm no expert sewer, I actually only just taught myself to sew a few years ago and I think I can do all of it. I'm especially excited about the diaper bag. I love that it looks just like a messenger bag so if DP needs to wear it, he will without complaining. 


There's an owl mobile on there, but I actually got some super cute little animal patterns on Etsy that I'm going to use for the mobile. These are them: http://www.etsy.com/transaction/72199479


I can't wait, everything is so cute and I'm so excited to get to making things that I'm having a hard time calming down and just doing one thing at a time. One of the coolest things is that I have a ton of spare fabric at home from making random things and a couple of baby quilts for friends so I have a lot of great stuff to work with for making toys and embellishing spit rags and such. 

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