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Must stop the biting!!

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OK, I need HELP!!! My almost 5 month old got his 1st teeth about 3 weeks ago. Since then I have been bitten several times a day. So far, they have not broken the skin, but it's only a matter of time, and it still hurts. Each time, I have removed him from the breast, told him no firmly, and stopped the nursing session for a bit. It has had no effect on him. He has already bitten me more times in the couple weeks than my DD did her entire 26 months of nursing. I am really afraid that once he gets the top ones in, that it will bring our nursing relationship to an end.

Please, any ideas-I'm feeling pretty desperate!! Thanks in advance!
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You can try bringing him closer to the breast when he bites so the breast blocks his nose when he bites and he has to let go. Jaw massage may help especiallly if he is biting near the end of the feeding.

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My son would bite me when I misread his cues and absentmindedly put him to the breast.  Often he was wet or wanted stimulation and I was too distracted to realize differently.


He could be biting due to teething pain.  Giving him a gum rub or some teething tablets before feeding could help.


Pulling my son towards the breast didn't work for him, he thought it was a game.  I would have to put him on the floor, say, "No, don't bite Mommy!" and leave the room for 30 seconds to a minute.  He got it after a while.

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He could be biting due to teething pain.  Giving him a gum rub or some teething tablets before feeding could help.


Given that firmly telling him "no" isn't working, I was going to suggest teething pain as well.

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My 6month old just got his first 2 teeth and #3 looks to be on the way. A few days ago he traumatized my nipple so badly (via nibbling, I guess you'd call it, not one big bite) that I saw stars from the pain whenever he latched on. It was so bad I was afraid I had thrush. So this can get super awful! I rested that breast for a day, pumped that side and ds nursed from the other, and today all pain is gone. What I do now that is working: I'm giving him tylenol. I'm not doing anything else while I nurse so that I focus entirely on watching for signs of biting. As soon as I stop hearing sucking/swallowing, I delatch him, because biting is next. Then I offer a finger, teething toy, or binky for him to chew on. 24 hours without a bite!  


Good luck OP!

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There's another thread on this issue with some suggestions over in the Breastfeeding Beyond Infancy section: http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1342781/biting

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My DS bit me ONCE. I was prepared that he might do that once his teeth came in. When he did I loudly yelled "OUCH!!" And looked at him in a way that clearly conveyed he had hurt me. He cried, but went back to nursing and never bit me again. It may not be particularly gentle, but I never had to tell him again and have never regretted it.


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the only times i get bitten (maybe 4 times so far and we're at 6 teeth now) is when she's super tired and her gums hurt - so she bites down without thinking. i usually yell out (can't help it and it definitely gets her attention), unlatch, find her something appropriate to bite down on, and then kiss her and talk to her while she's gnawing away so she knows i'm not angry.


i've also noticed, since the top teeth came in, that she can get a little lazy about her latch when she's nursing to sleep, so sometimes there's little indents on my breasts from her top teeth - so far, no broken skin, but i think it is something we'll both have to work on, together.

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nak. my daughter has bitten me 5 times today.i came here to read others' advice. this is my third breastfed child and all 3 bit. the other two bit for two days each; when i think bacck on that times i feel like it was a nightmare and i still remember clearly the panic after the bite and when it is time to feed again! today has not been great. i try to give ice cube in a cloth to help numb her gums before feeding but there's not always time to do so! mine all did the biting at 4-5 months when 2nd or 3rd teeth come in. i can not bring myself to pull her in where her nose is blocked, or to thump her face as i was advised to do earlier today.

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