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Names- I can't wait!

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I know it's early, but I LOVE names. I am follower of the baby name gurus on youtube, worth checking out, anastasiaruby or everythingbabynames.


I have so many girl names I can't even think straight. We will have no problems with that. Our top choices right now are Sylvie and Cleo. I also love classics like Jane and Eliza.


Boys names are SO hard. The name J and I agreed on ages ago is Ned, but upon closer examination, we hate the Simpons reference and we don't like the way it sounds with our last names.

So heartbroken, I kind of moved on to Henry, and I'm currently struggling with it because it's so popular. Bothers him more than it bothers me, but I can't really tell from the lists HOW popular it is. Some lists put it at 27 or so, some way down at 60. I'd prefer something not even on the top 100. Our other two favorites are Clyde and Lyle, but they come way after Henry. I just think it's a cool name. My tastes change often, so I'm wondering how much they'll be changing in the next 8 months.

I also like Baz right now, my husband thinks I'm a bit nuts.



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I usually have a few names chosen... but I haven't gotten there yet. I like to meet baby first before I totally settle on a name, lol.

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We have a few ideas for a girl, nothing really yet for a boy. We'll get there, though...

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Thanks, boots, I need to check out those youtube links!


We have several names for a girl, but the one we liked the best is similar to something one of my bosses named her child, bah :(

It evokes a place special to us. But there are still several more that we like. 

As far as boy names, this is where we run into trouble. For some reason, my mom is kind of adamant that somehow we incorporate my father's name into the boy name. I tried some anagram creators if we mix his name with my father-in-law's name to see if there are any interesting combinations, but no dice, so far. 



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I love names. Since I was in high school I've created lists of children's names. I had a whole list before Elsa was born but that name wasn't even on the table. I like to see the baby and get a feel for what the "right" name is. I know if I picked one before I'd change my mind after having the kid.

I have no problem coming up with girl ideas but boys are harder. My husband has expressed some desire to have a son share his initials. He and his dad have the same ones. Which limits me to J names. My favorite is Jack but it's sooooo popular right now. He doesn't like Jason, so that's out. Justin and Jesse are my stepbrothers. John is too common. James is ok. I'm growing fond of Jensen, Jory, and Jude but I don't know if they're too odd. I don't want to go too off the wall but I'm running out of options.
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What about Joshua, or Jeremy? Also Jed, Joseph (or Joe), Jonah, Jake, Jamie.
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Ninetales, I like Jensen and Jude.  Here are a few more: Julian, Justice Juno. 


As far as girl names I haven't really spent any time thinking seriously about them.  I have a couple I like.  I think naming a girl will be easier than a boy given my strong preference for a boy name that Dh is not agreeing with right now.  

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What about Judson (Jud for short)?  I've known one or two people with that name, but it's not super common.

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Jude is actually on our short list for boys' names.

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I am partial to J names. If we have a boy, DH wants to name him Jack, after his father. I don't have the heart to tell him how common it is, because I do kinda like it, but I prefer Jackson myself. =)

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I prefer Jack over Jackson, personally, but where I live, every Jack is actually named Jackson, so that is probably why.

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If we have a girl, my husband wants to name her Jemima.  I think he secretly wishes we were British so that we could get away with it without getting looks. 


With our son, we tried to think of the most hated names we could come up with, then when people asked us what names we had in mind we would tell them the fake name and watch their reaction.  It was pretty funny, we really got my niece.  We have a thing about not telling people the names we are thinking about because someone will always give you a negative association they have with a certain name.  A funny thing happened after our boy was born (his name is Morgan Thomas), we told people his name and several people's response was, "so what are you going to call him?"  Ummm, Morgan?   


Girls names are a little tough for us because our last name ends in a "y" sound so we have to be careful that it sounds right together.  We usually pick a few names that we love and then when the baby is born we see which one fits.  


Anyone here keep their names a secret till the baby is here? 


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dh and I spent our first father's day together making a baby name list at church. heartbeat.gif We actually have a boy name that we agreed on while we were engaged. But I don't plan on telling anybody any of our names until the baby is here! Most of them are pretty traditional, though, with a few out-there ones thrown in. But I'm also in the camp that I feel I have to meet the baby first to be sure the name we've picked really is his/her name. I know some people name their baby as soon as the find out the gender, and that's always struck me as odd. I just can't imagine being that certain. But to each their own, I suppose. We have about 5 girls' names (first and middle) picked out, and I think 3 or 4 boys' names (first and middle), so I figure we'll be able to come up with something!

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When I saw my girl on the ultrasound, I knew instantly that she was Cecilia, as if she had told me. My husband agreed instantly, too. It was the first time we'd even considered that name. It just came to me!

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I love Cecilia - it's a gorgeous name.
We're leaning towards giving the baby a traditional russian name (I'm russian) to connect him/her to their heritage. We'll see though.
I really like Daniel for boy, but DH isn't that keen on it.
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I am 100% Russian myself, and I keep trying to pick out Russian and Jewish names, but my husband isn't keen on them at all. greensad.gif

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We have not discussed names yet bc I know my DH isn't ready to. We wanted to name a boy Nehemiah last time and he still really likes that, but I've decided I don't. So we may argue about a boy's name. I have a girl's name I'm pretty stuck on but haven't mentioned it to DH yet. It sounds very Italian, which we aren't at all, so I worry some people may think that is strange.

I'm one who likes to have the name picked before birth. Unlike some of you, I think it's a bit strange to see what name fits the baby after birth. smile.gif We won't tell anyone IRL our name this time since someone used our DD's name after we told them of our plans to use it. Their baby was born a week before ours. Grrrr
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Man.  Names.  I feel like we really flubbed things on our second.  We never picked a name (we were down to Bishop or Silas or Simon) and then after he was born my husband suggested Robert (my dad's name) and even though I really didn't like it we used it.  I tried to give him a nickname (Arlo, for awhile, and then Roby), but he insists he's Robert now that he's nearly three.  My first son is Graham and I love that name for the most part.  I love girl names, but kind of think we might go with Catherine Louise if we have a girl ... I love the nickname Cat or even Katie Lou could work??  We're hopeless at coming up with boy's names though.  Ugh.

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Joshua and Joseph are cousins, and Jeremy is already my hubby's name.  :)


I have a cousin I don't like who is married to a Jeb, so anything that sounds like Jeb or Jed is out for me.  Jake is way too popular for me.  I think it's still number 1 in the country and all this craziness with Twilight won't help.  If I'm going to bite the bullet and go with popular it would probably be Jack.  Though for some reason popularity isn't as big a deal for boys as it is with girls, at least for me.  I'm not sure why but I'm more ok with a popular boy name than a girl one.


One girl name that has really been sticking in my head is Bernadette.  For some reason I'm just loving it.  I told my sister and she didn't laugh so that's encouraging.


At least we all have a long time to think about it!

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My son has a very traditional British name that isn't very common, and a name from Greek mythology for his middle.  If we have a daughter, we'll probably do somehting similar.  If the next is a boy, he'll be named after the company that Husband's great great (I'm not sure how many greats) grandfather was in during the Civil War.  The company just happens to have had a name that is also a traditional British male name.

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