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10 gifts for a 10 year old

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hey mamas,


i'm trying to think of a special way to celebrate my daughter turning 10. I was thinking of giving her 10 of something, or something to do with 10. how have you celebrated turning 10? we are not doing a party just a friend sleeping over and she is getting henna done, but wanted something specific to being 10, ideas?


thanks in advance!

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I don't tend to do much for the specific number outside of the candles on the birthday ring, but I know one mama who gives a coin that was minted that specific year as one of the gifts, so her kids each have a collection of coins made in every year they've been alive. They each have a special scrap book of their lives with a page for their coins.

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You could either start, or add to, a collection she already has, although that could get pricey with 10 items.  I'm just thinking that at that age my dd was into collecting model horses, so it would have been prohibitive to get 10.  But, maybe a small collection of something special.


Another idea might be a charm bracelet with a special charm that could be added onto, or 10 small charms.  Or, a necklace with 10 beads strung onto it.  A few quick thoughts!

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Not quite the '10' thing you are talking about, but ... my dd will be 10 next year and I am thinking of taking her on a special trip, just the two of us. Something to celebrate her growing into the double digits, something we would not have done when she was younger.

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What does your DD like to do?

Some ideas-

10 'passes' for 'time' with mom  (1 for starbucks, 1 for icecream, 1 for mini manicure at the nail place, 1 for haircuts, etc)  Kinda guarentees she gets an hr or so with you every month.


10 new uncirculated 10 dollar bills - you can order from the bank


10 punch pass card to something she likes (horse riding sessions, ice skating time, golf lessons, pool pass, rock wall)


"bucket of fun x10"  10 new fancy pencils, 10 smelly markers, 10 packs of stickers, 10 hair ribbons, 10 mini beauty products (2 nail polish, 4 lotion, 2 face peels, 2 foot cream),  10 fun candy.  Get a huge bag or basket and wrap it all up fancy and make a huge deal about 10.



Then again I have a boy and he would've just loved 10 boxes of lego's  LOL.  But I totally love your idea and may steal it next year for 12, 'how cool to be a dozen' 

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thanks mamas for all the cool ideas!


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