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looking for soft soled, yet protective, shoes for 10 month old pre-walker

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DD is almost 10 months. She walks with our assistance, isn't walking on her own yet. We go to the park a lot, but the grass is wet and the weather is cold.

We need soft soled shoes that will protect her from moisture and cold and injuries.

Any recommendations? Thanks moms! :)


PS: I lean towards veganism, so non-animal materials would be super, but if you have leather ideas, that's fine too.

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Well, the only suggestion is leather. Robeez slippers. They have a lot of styles. Unfortunately, they can be a bit expensive ($25). Target has a version that is not quite as nice but is only $15. The target version works for our family. Went to get the link and it appears that Robeez is having a sale on some of their styles and free shipping if you buy 2 or more




But here's the Target ones:

Clearance (there's more clearance,  I just looked in baby shoes and did it by sight because they have different brands of knockoff Robeez)


Ministar: http://www.target.com/p/Ministar-Designs-by-Bobux-Infant-Girls-Pastel-Dot-Shoe-Brown/-/A-13327287#?lnk=sc_qi_detailbutton

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Ds1 wore rubber soles Robeez at 10 months in the winter for the same reason. They were great and kept the wet out but were very flexible. 

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third suggestion for Robeez... sorry they aren't vegan. redface.gif
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may i recommend soft star shoes?  they have vegan ones too:  http://www.softstarshoes.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=category.display&category_id=44

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thanks mamas! will look into all these.

robeez seems very popular.


has anyone tried skidders? think they will work to protect against moisture and cold?


also, how long after she starts walking should she continue to wear soft soles?


and, i have a pair of chauchas (soft leather ones) - do you think if i paired these with thick wool socks they would protect her?


ETA: the chauchas are wonderful, but they get soaked!

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A flexible soled shoe for an early walker, for cold, wet weather, these are my suggestions:


Simple Weetire shoes are eco-friendly and the sole is suede but thicker than the Bobux or Robeez, plus it seems either water resistant or actually waterproof, though it is not listed on the description. I don't know how, but my son has dry feet even after the sole appears soaked,

The sole is also thicker than the Robeez and Bobux, but still totally flexible. I really like them, they only go up to 24 months though, so my son is going to outgrow them soon greensad.gif

Great shoe though.





Otherwise, I would suggest the Modern Basics Baby slipper, it is a shoe though. Again, wish they came in bigger sizes! The sole is waterproof but flexible.




In warm weather, I really like the Bobux but the sole is just too thin for cold....unless I suppose you size up and add thick socks or fleece liners. Though the soles are still not water resistant. I believe their Bobux I-Walks are water proof though.


Oh, regarding the Skidders, I returned them after seeing the fit was not good for my son. His big toe was red on the outside. The sole was rubbing it.


I am not familiar with the Chauchas but perhaps some type of waterproofing spray or wax would help? Though she may slip if the sole is too slick I suppose.

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My favorite shoes ended up being some by osh kosh. We got them second hand but I think they're only like $9 new. They are mary jane style, just this soft canvas type material with soft rubber soles. I have her wear 2 pairs of socks so her feet aren't cold.  They're great, way better than more expensive shoes I have for her, also easy to put on and they never fall off. Also, sometimes I put a big pair of socks over everything, they get dirty, but when it's snowy I have found that works better than boots. I'm not big on worrying about how things look though lol.

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Robeez!  LOVED THEM!

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Another thought--in my area, children's consignment stores ALWAYS have gently used Robeez and the like. That way at least you wouldn't be contributing directly to the demand for leather products. I got DD a barely worn pair for about $8--even though she isn't walking yet, I like them because they keep her socks on (I got them to keep her feet warmer in winter).

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