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12/11 Chat

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It's a new week already! How's everything going? I put up my Christmas tree on Saturday and it pretty much sapped all my energy for the rest of the weekend. All I wanted to do was eat, sleep, relax and watch football. My house is suffering, haha!

Important Dates:

bootsvalentine - ultrasound 12/14
Aimee, OB appointment 12/15
Eleuthia, CMN appointment and ultrasound 12/15
foxadillo - confirmation visit 12/15
Willovia - birth center tour 12/15
Sol_y_Paz, appointment 12/19
Ninetales - appointment 12/19
ainh, appointment 12/22
Thebyr, CNM appointment 12/27
monkeyscience - birth center tour
Sallyrae17, ultrasound 1/4
eleuthia - birth center visit 1/10
Mama Chickadee, appointment 1/18
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Morning! Things are good here. I don't have any motivation still. As far as Christmas stuff goes, that's fine with me. But my son's bday is Jan. 1 and I have his party the following week. I do pretty awesome parties and I really go all out. It requires a lot of energy...of which I have none. And b/c his bday party is the 2nd week in January, I always have to start making and preparing in Dec.  Hmmm...  So far, not so much movement. I had already ordered what needed to be ordered. But a lot of it is make I myself. This time I have 10 box cars to paint and tape up to look like race cars. I am going to have to get my husband to help this year for sure.  Also, in January I have several large business changes happening and it begins with work I need to be doing now, and I'm so not doing any of it.  I know I'll get it all done, but at this point if feels like there's going to be a decent amount of cramming. So I'll have to magically pull some motivation from somewhere to get everything done.



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Hey, Ninetales, can you edit the "important dates" section with the list from the last thread? Most of those appointments haven't occurred yet. smile.gif


It's a lazy, grey morning here. It's supposed to rain all week, which means I won't go too many places because I hate driving in the rain. It's also going to be a tiring week for me. Normally, I nanny for my 4.5 month old niece Monday, Tuesday and Friday afternoons. This week I have her every day except Thursday, and they are going to be long days, not the usual short afternoons. It sucks because afternoons are also when I am most nauseous. Ugh.

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Ninetales, my house is suffering too!  I had a sick kid this weekend and was feeling really lousy myself.  I had big plans to get some things with our horses done this weekend and they got squashed due to various reasons.  I am embarrassed to admit I spent the rest of the day pouting.  Sunday was better.  We had fun plans get canceled because dd still had a fever but dh came home after church and took over so I got out to do some shopping. Mostly groceries, but it was just nice to get out by myself with no time constraints.  I came home feeling refreshed and much happier.  DD is home from school today but she is feeling better.  I think I'll make some bread and maybe call the new ob office we picked to make an appt.  I really should pay a little attention to the bathrooms too, I guess!


We finally got our tree up and it's feeling a little Christmas-y around here.  Dd and I made a gingerbread house yesterday afternoon, and the baby seems to somehow keep finding candy canes.  Every time I turn around that boy has a candy cane in his hand and sticky ring around his mouth.  If it weren't so cute, I'd be getting really annoyed! 

Jamie, is it hard to "charge up" someone else's energy when you have none of your own?  lol.gif

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my important dates: 

12/12 (today!) orientation seminar at the birth center 

12/15 first visit & ultrasound with CNM in ob/gyn office

1/10 first visit at birth center 


i have the day off work and have made a few phone calls i can't make when i'm at work. i talked to my insurance to find out about home birth coverage - they cover in-network CNM's only, and i'm not sure there are any in-network (the rep is going to try to find out and get back to me). and i called the birth center (in bryn mawr, PA) to find out about becoming a patient. they had an opening tonight for their required orientation seminar, so i decided we might as well get it out of the way. and i made my first appointment with them as well. 


so now my day is going to be looooong and involve so much driving (we don't own a car but use a car-sharing service, so i haven't driven in awhile), since in addition to going to the birth center tonight, we also need to go to whole foods for groceries & go check out some la-z-boy recliners (outside the city) so i can eventually have a comfortable chair. i also have to write my self-appraisal for my annual review sometime tonight - i'm afraid i'm going to want to collapse into bed as soon as i get home. 



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Important date: 15 dec - going to get the pregnancy confirmed by my PA

I have to finish Christmas gift shopping. Boo. Then I have to drive 1.5 hours for my son's speech therapy.

I hear you all on the exhaustion part. I am plain hungry and tired! My mom "yelled" at my DH and said he needs to help me get more sleep smile.gif poor guy forgot what having a preggo wife was all about! wink1.gif He has actually been really good.
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Important date for me: December 27th - We are going to tour one of the local birth centers! Still waiting to hear back from a second one. The lady on the phone seemed super nice, which is helpful, since I have definite phone anxiety issues! So far almost everything about this birth center really seems to be clicking with me. The biggest concern is location. My dh really wants to live within 20 minutes of the birth center, and I'm not sure there's anywhere within 20 minutes of this place that we want to live. But we will see. And while being close by would definitely be a good thing, I know a lot of people travel much further for their births, so hopefully I can convince him 30-40 minutes isn't that bad.

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Good morning mamas, I had a nice weekend filled with getting house stuff done and I got decent sleep last night so I'm pretty psyched for Monday. I had a scheduled Dr's appointment (I didn't know that I was pregnant at the time) so I'm going in on Wednesday morning, I will probably schedule an ultrasound then to get the first peek inside.
I'm going to go with the same midwife practice that attended my first full-term pregnancy and birth and it would be nice to have this first ultrasound before I go for my first appointment with them. My regular practitioner is fabulous and I know she'll be very excited when I tell her the news. love.gif:

Not much on the pregnancy front - maybe a bit more queazy and getting lower back cramps periodically. But the line on the last 2 tests I took was super bright so I think I'm satisfied with POAS for now. orngbiggrin.gif
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our closest non-hospital birth center is a 30 minute drive... or about an hour and a half by public transit. i wish it was closer, but i figure i will feel more comfortable going in earlier in labor than i would at a hospital, where i'd want to stay home as long as possible and then there might be a rush to get there (which wouldn't be a huge deal, as there's one about a 5 minute cab ride away). i hope you're able to go where you're most comfortable! 

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I looked at the cool centering care offered at the local birth center again today and started to cry. Why do I torture myself looking at it? It's not like I can use it! Ugh.

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We live about a 10-15 minute car ride from another birth center I'm considering, but we will be moving before the birth, and I'm not convinced I want to stay in our current area. dh has said that we can pick our next apartment mostly based on where I'm going to give birth. love.gif I don't want his commute time to be too long, though, because I like having him home! I guess we will see what happens once we visit the birth centers. There are actually 6 birth centers in the greater Houston area, so I feel blessed to have so many potential options! I actually had a well-woman visit at a different birth center a few years ago, and toured it, but I wasn't super happy with the midwife I saw, so I don't think I'll go back there. The midwife at my current top choice also does home births, which I'm excited about. dh and I have agreed for now that we don't want to do a home birth while we live in an apartment, but that could change in the future. So we will see!

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We're about 20 minutes away from our birth center, which is 3 minutes away from a hospital in case of an emergency. I'm hoping for a smooth birth last my first so that I don't need the hospital, but it's nice to have the option.
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This Thursday (December 15) we are going to take a tour of the birth center I've picked out. It's about 30-40 mins away and they also attend home births. Unfortunately, we don't have many free standing birth centers in my area, so this one is the closest even though it's in another state. We are on the cusp of their service area for home birth, and are hoping they might make an exception and qualify us. Of course, home birth isn't covered by insurance in Massachusetts, unfortunately, and now that my husband knows that we could potentially have it covered if we birth at the center, he's all for us birthing there.


I'm still holding onto the hopes of doing it at home. We live in a condo/townhouse, so there is the potential that folks on the other side of the wall could hear, but I'm not concerned with it. It's more the experience that I want. We'll see with the midwives say on Thursday. So excited, because if we do like them, we can schedule our first appointment to hear the heartbeat!


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Jamie, is it hard to "charge up" someone else's energy when you have none of your own?  lol.gif

 A little, yes. lol.gif  But it makes me do it and then it charges me up too. I just can't seem to do it for myself alone at the moment.

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I tend to avoid any sort of energy work or things that suck my own energy down when I'm pregnant... usually not on purpose, I just have a hard time collecting it so to speak. You're amazing, Jamie :D


My baby girl has been so miserable the past few days, I'm so drained from that... to the point that I started looking for somehting, anything because I was starting to panic that something was horribly wrong with her. She's been intolerable and inconsolable... turns out it's teething on top of the Roseola virus. She's cutting 8 teeth all at once and that's been hell in and of itself... but add a fever and virus on top of it and let's just say she's been up and down every hour at night making it impossible for me to sleep well. Poor little bean.

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8 teeth at once is horrible. Cece did that once, too. We're down to just the 2 year molars now, and I seriously can't wait for them to be out.

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My son also cut 8 teeth at once. I know exactly how you feel. I'm pretty sure he was sick at one point while he was going through it as well. It sucks. But...you won't have to agonize over each tooth individually! I always told myself that when I was going through it. I wouldn't want to go through that 8 times instead of once! :)

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Important date for me! Wednesday is my first U/S! *deep breath*


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I tend to avoid any sort of energy work or things that suck my own energy down when I'm pregnant... usually not on purpose, I just have a hard time collecting it so to speak. You're amazing, Jamie :D


I'm not gonna lie, I don't feel super obliged to be doing energy work right now. Baby clearly wants all I got. But like anyone else with a job, the show must go on, even when tired. I feel really good when I'm doing my work though, so that helps. But I'm still pooped when I'm done. :)


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Ninetales, I think there might still be some appointments from last week's thread that haven't made it on this week's. I don't see mine on there for Thursday, at least.

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