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Thanks, ladies. This is maddening! My mom's best friend is from Thailand, so I am going to have her call and ask if they think about this in Thailand, although she does not have children. Let's see if my husband is willing to eat the soup for dinner. 

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Personally, I tend to not worry about food stuff as long as I have it in moderation. I can't give up sushi, for example, because I crave it pretty much constantly!

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Third baby in here, and I worry almost none this time about that kind of stuff. I think the pregnancy regulations have really gotten out of control. I wouldn't worry at all about the Lemongrass. In fact, I've been drinking tea almost every day that has lemongrass in it. Not several times a day, but maybe once a day. I have several teas I drink and one I particularly like has lemongrass in it. I'm not worried.

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What Jamie said! lol.gif

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Thanks, Jamie and Cecelia´s mom. I have been impressed with my general calmness about stuff so far (despite my underlying first pregnancy worries that I´m trying to calm). I talked to dh and he was more irritated about it than me. Now, I´m going to make some deodorant before running to my derm appointment. smile.gif


Take care, ladies!

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For what it's worth, I was a LOT more careful my first pregnancy. I think it's pretty common to be really strict about stuff like that the first time around and loosen up a bit after that!

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Originally Posted by Willovia View Post
Eluthia - this is a shot in the dark, but would you be able to consider the help of a doula (with a car)? They'd already be attending your birth, no matter where you go, and they would be on call anyway. Maybe they'd be willing to be your transportation, and the birth center would see that as sufficient? Either way, you would get the added labor support - which would be really beneficial if you did need to transfer. 

This would be the best option, I think (since I'd love to have a doula anyway), but I did a little searching and it seems that some doulas do not/cannot transport patients (likely for liability/insurance reasons). So I would have to find one who can do it... and she'd still have to be the right fit to be my labor support person. 


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Yeah, I doubt Thai women stop eating lemongrass, or Japanese women fish, or French women brie.  There's a lot of CYA going on.  Now, I don't eat fish because I hate it anyway, but, you know what I mean.


I'm feeling much better today.  The words of encouragement helped a lot.  I went grocery shopping and spent too much (holiday baking, you know!) but got some alone time and got to buy lots of the things that sound good so I can avoid having an empty stomach, which I think it a part of what makes me anxious.  Then I worked, which is nice because I can get away and not worry about the mom stuff for a bit.  Then Elsa went straight to bed and now I'm enjoying soup and a bagel with ham and cream cheese.  Yummy yummy.


It was also fun to see all the tiny new baby stuff at the store and remember I get to use all that stuff again!


I use Tom's of Maine for deodorant.  I use the crystal on days I shower and solid on the days I don't.  I don't think it works as well as the mainstream chemically stuff, but it works well enough that I keep using it.  I get very lucky in that pregnancy is very kind to my face.  Normally I'm quite acne prone but when pregnant it clears right up.  Starting in the second tri last time I didn't even need makeup.  It was glorious.

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Holy lord, did I have an experience today.  So, remember how the NP I saw wanted me to get all kinds of blood tests in addition to the regular OB panel?  Well I went and did it this morning.  The glucola wasn't even close to as bad as I expected.  Just tasted like crappy fruit punch.  It didn't make me sick or anything, so I thought everything would be fine.


I get there and the guy tells me he has to take SIX vials.  blush.gif 


On the last one I passed out cold.  I remember him telling me he was on the last vial, and then my brain going "I'm gonna go to sleep now."  I think I even had a short dream.  Then he was yelling my name to get me back.  And after I got home I threw up a bunch of times.  Not Fun.

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Wow, Ninetales, that sounds terrible!


My derm removed a strange mole/freckle on my hand yesterday (had to have a local lidocane shot, apparently safe) and the doc and nurse kept asking me if I was lightheaded or going to pass out. I felt totally fine, but not so much later when I removed the bandage. I thought she was going to scrape a few layers of skin off, which I guess she did, but she excised the whole area). At least it doesn't hurt! I've noticed that scrapes and a burn I have on my hand have been healing super fast since my bfp, I wonder if it has to do with increased blood flow or something. Dh said he was observing me when I was sleeping and he can tell my heart rate is faster. 


So, Cecilia's Mama, I semi followed the 2nd recipe for the deodorant. I made a smaller batch so I could correct if I had any problems. I don't smell bad and I love the way the coconut oil smells. Mmm. But, I wonder if I need to add more of the powdered ingredients because the oil did leave a residue on the shirt I wore to bed last night. Does that happen to you? I'm going to keep experimenting by adding more baking soda, corn starch, and calamine talc that I have.

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Nope no residue here. I also have never used the talc, just baking soda and cornstarch.


Edit: Found my exact recipe:


2 tbs. Shea or cocoa butter, melted 
2 tbs. Coconut oil, melted 
2 tbs. Cornstarch 
1.5 tbs. Baking Soda 
5-10 drops essential oil (optional)


Mix all ingredient together until powders dissolve. Pour into a 2 oz container and let solidify.

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Ninetales- Omgosh, that sounds awful. Are you okay? Was it all that sugar? What happened after that? Bleh, that just sounds terrible. I hope you feel fine today.


CM- Since you are diabetic, you don't have to do the glucose test do you? That wouldn't make sense to me, but I don't really know.



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I've always been pretty squeamish and I think it was just too much at once. When I've donated blood in the past it always took me a little longer than most people to recover. I didn't feel bad from the sugar so I hope that's a good sign.

I was fine after I got sick. I kept trying to eat to alleviate the nausea but once I did that I felt way better.
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Originally Posted by IntuitiveJamie View Post

CM- Since you are diabetic, you don't have to do the glucose test do you? That wouldn't make sense to me, but I don't really know.

Yeah, no glucose test here.


Edit: Went to my first OB appointment. I was happy to see her again, I really like my OB. I still mourn the fact that I can't have a midwife birth, but she is good people and I know I'm in good hands with her. I have a dating u/s scheduled for Thursday the 22nd at 9 am, so I might actually be able to post in the Due Date thread after that! ROTFLMAO.gif

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So I got a phone call from the birth center and our tour might be cancelled tonight due to a labor. And if so, they won't be able to reschedule for another 2 weeks. Is it wrong that I'm annoyed?

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Yes. They can't help it. I think you have pregnancy annoyance going on. wink1.gif

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I'm getting anxious to know your EDD too CM!! orngbiggrin.gif

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No, it's not wrong! It is annoying, even if it's totally understandable. Just as long as you don't hide outside the center windows and try to scare the mama in labor to get back at her. winky.gif


Also, a little weird they won't reschedule for 2 weeks. Maybe they're expecting a lot of babies between now and then?

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Andaluza: Yay for ultrasound buddies! We'll have to compare notes.  This is my first, so I'm obviously completely confused about the whole process.


On another note, is calamine talc the same as regular talc?  There's been some disturbing research on talc and lung damage, but you might have already seen it.  I'm going to try the coco oil people have recommended.  My legs are crazy dry.

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Well, I had read about combining baking soda with talcum powder as an alternative to deodorant, so I didn't think it would have its own problems. I never use talc in general, so I bought this one at whole foods: http://www.drugstore.com/anti-monkey-butt-powder-original/qxp172067?catid=108348&fromsrch=anti+monkey+butt

because I'd seen other natural deodorants with calamine in them and the talc alternatives at whole foods were full of herbal ingredients I was unsure of. It seems that every time I buy something herbal it ends up being an herb to be avoided for pregnant women.


I've only added about a teaspoon of the talcum powder to the deodorant I made, but now I have something else to investigate, LilyTiger. Thanks for the head's up!

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