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OB for Twins in Nassau County

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Hi. I'm due in April, I was seeing a midwife and planning a homebirth here on Long Island (Nassau County). But when I had my 20wk ultrasound we discovered twins! The midwives won't do a twin homebirth, and she doesn't feel comfortable continuing my pre-natal care -- I have a very non-medical lifestyle, so having to find an OB is kind of throwing me for a loop - I definitely need someone who is "on the level" so-to-speak so I don't end up with a cascade of interventions and a c-section if it's not absolutely necessary. I know NUMC is the best, so maybe an OB who delivers there?

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I don't really have anyone to suggest but could you ask your midwife for a recommendation? I'm also using a midwife and delivering at NUMC in early March so I couldn't help you there. But depending on the midwife maybe she knows of a doc that would be more what you are looking for.


Good luck!

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If you contact someone that is a member of lidoulas.com, they can ask the group for recommendations for you. They have an online forum where the birth professionals can ask each other for suggestions on things like this.  I am sure they will find an option for you.

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I have had 2 babes now with Melanie Sumersille CNM who delivers at Winthrop (Garden City OB/Gyn).  I adore her and her partner OB, Seth Plancher.  My first was an unmedicated vaginal birth which ended with a very tricky shoulder dystocia but thanks to Melanie's amazing dexterity (she's authored articles on dealing with this), my baby and I escaped unscathed.  With my 2nd, at 41 weeks and no progress, I opted for a C-section since my baby was measuring quite big and I was terrified of a repeat shoulder issue.  I was blown away by Dr. Plancher's incredible bedside manner, commitment to breastfeeding (gave me his cel # to call day or night if the nurses gave me a hard time about rooming in),and respect for my brith plan.  Melanie was with me in the ER and even whisked my placenta out of the OR so we could take it home for encapsulation.  I cannot say enough about this team.  It's rare to find those committed to natural birth in Nassau County.


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I don't want to crash your thread but I'd love any more info on NUMC-- I am attempting a HBAC in NYC with a HB midwife, and our back-up is NUMC since she can still be my care provider there.  I have heard good things about them for birth-- but I am worried about post partum and whether there is a mandatory take-the-baby-to-the-nursery thing soon after birth (or at any time) which my midwife said they have, although you get the baby back for rooming in.  Even with my c-section last time, baby was never removed from my room and that freaks me out!  


Anyone with any recent experience at NUMC?  Can you tour the hospital?  

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You can tour it- my friend gave birth there, toured it and had a very good experience there.  she did wind up with a c-section but it was her choice.  she had a very long labour and was never pushed into a section by anyone there.  call them and schedule an appointment!

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Thank you!  It's nice to hear people have good experiences there, there's a good chance we'll need to use it as a backup!

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