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My little Pearl is here!

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Pearl Whimsy

Born Saturday, December 10th at 6:07PM

8lbs, 8oz

21” long


2:00AM:  Woke up with mild ctx.


2:30AM:  Got out of bed because I was too excited to sleep.  Was very hopeful Pearl would be born during the eclipse!


6:00AM:  Rose, my doula, brought over the birth pool and blew it up.  She then had to go to the hospital for another client of hers and wasn’t able to attend Pearl’s birth, sadly.


7:00AM:  Went outside to watch the lunar eclipse, and then I decided to go back to sleep since it didn’t seem like anything was progressing.  In fact, the ctx seemed to die down a bit. 


10:00AM:  Got up, made pancakes and bacon, putzed around the house.   I was no longer timing the ctx, but they were still very mild. 


1:30PM:  Lay down with Dolly in a failed attempt to get her to nap.  Ctx were a bit stronger and around 7-9 mins apart.


3:00PM:  Did a little grocery shopping just to get out of the house.  I was feeling discouraged that things weren’t progressing faster.  I wasn’t expecting early labor to take so long! 


3:30PM:  Walked to the park near our house so Dolly could play.  This is where the ctx started to require real attention.  It was a beautiful day and being outside in the fresh air felt wonderful at this point. 


4:30PM:  Finally had to walk home from the park because I really needed to poop (twice!).  Ctx were quickly getting more intense.


4:50PM:  Ctx were about 2 mins apart and required lots of concentration.  I was stomping around the house by this point.  My husband was busy getting my birthing supplies out and filling the birth pool. 


5:30PM:  Stephanie, my midwife, arrived.


5:40PM:  Got in the birth pool as my midwife’s apprentice, Krystel, arrived.


5:44PM:  Jen, the other apprentice midwife, arrived.


5:45PM:  According to my mw, this is when I reached full dilation based on my vocalizations.


5:50PM:  My water broke, and I got a little rest before pushing started. 


5:52PM:  Started pushing.  Vowed to have no more children!  Screamed bloody murder.  Nearly chewed through the towel I was using to bite down on.  


6:07PM:  Pearl was born!  I wasn’t planning to, but as she crowned I insisted on catching her myself.  I definitely felt the immediate postpartum "high" that women talk about.  With my first I pushed for an hour after being up all night and just felt exhausted and dazed.  This time I felt terrific.  










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Oh, she's wonderful! And you look so blissed out! Yay yay yay, Mama!

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After birth glow :) Beautiful name, beautiful baby... I too will have two little girls soon! Congratulations!!!

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Beautiful! You all look lovely!! :)

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joy.gifCongratulations, Mama!  Beautiful pics.  I love the big sister photos.  love.gif

  Welcome to the world, Pearl Whimsy!partytime.gif

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Lovely name!  Happy Love day!

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She is sooo cute!!!

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You and your kids are just too cute!  I totally know what you mean about the "high."  Do you know what I think it is?  One of the only times that us mamas feel justified in relaxing for a bit!  This is what I tell DH . . .that right after birth, I feel like I've accomplished something so I deserve a break without guilt!

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That is awesome! And you look sooo beautiful! 


Welcome Pearl!!!! 

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absolutely lovely!!  you look so beautiful.  and, I ADORE the name Pearl, so perfect.  congratulations to you and your family.

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