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To DEPO or not to depo..thats the question. Advice please!

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Hello all.


Brief background: I had DD when I was 17 years old. After she was born, I began looking for a good birth control method. I was afriad to try ANY form of the pill due to a past expeirence- I started my period when i was only 9 ( yes, 9! ) and had very horrible periods. The pain and bleeding would last for months and I couldnt go to school during these times. I was put on low dose birth control pills when I was 10 to help with the pain and bleeding-it worked. My bleeding evened out as I got older. I began taking BCPs again in high school to prevent pregnancy and suddenly had yellowish skin and eyes. Thanks to the very severe Jaundice I had when I was born, I was told that I couldnt take BCPs because it made it return. Shortly after, i stopped taking any form of BC and..DD was created. After DD's birth, i knew that I didnt want to try the pill. So i tried the patch, it made me itch and wouldnt stick to my skin. So my doctor suggested the Depo shot. I tired it and loved it. I had no symptoms (that I remember ) other than hot flashes the day of and a few days after the shot as well as mood swings-but nothing any worse than PMS. If i gained any weight, it was maybe only 5 pounds.


Now Im 23, I had my second child, DS, back in 2008. I BFd for a little over a year and so this was a natural BC. We combined this with the pull out method and it worked fine. Once my periods returned to normal, I began NFP combined with  the pullout method as well as using condoms if i even THOUGHT i MIGHT be the slightist bit fertile and this has worked great for us all of this time.




I would like to get myself back on some other form of birth control, not only to insure that I dont become pregnant, but also to add the spontaniousness back into our sex lives. BUT since the birth of my son, Ive developed a few major health issues. Silent Migranes with auras so severe I loose 90% of vision in left eye, High blood pressure and not to mention I have never had a high sex drive so i dont want the little bit that I do have to go away due to the BC method I use..that would just be ironic. I also smoke ( i know, I know- with all of my issues- NOT SMART! horrors.gif ) so I dont have many BC options. Though I was on the shot before and didnt have any severe side effects, Im afraid that since my health isnt as good as itI could be, it might affect me differently. Ive done alot of research on the shot recently- and its down right SCARY.


An implant is not an option for me, as the thought of having a ring or impant..anything in there makes my skin crawl. So, pretty much my only options will be to have my tubes tied or try the shot again. I really wouldnt mind having my tubes tied, so im sure I dont want any more children but I feel that having your tubes tied causes early menopause like symptoms. I have been researching this myself for while and have found some intresting facts, but none of them serious enough to make me change my mind as to this being an option.



What do you ladies think?


If you HAVE have your tubes tied ( especially if youre around my age ) please let me know your expeirence afterwards. How did you feel physically and emotionally? Did your sex drive change? Did you have any issues with infections or other complications?


Is there anyone out there that has had a good expeirence on the Depo shot?


Which would you reccomend?


Sorry for the length ladies and thank you so much for taking the time to read and reply to my post. Your advice will be a huge help. luxlove.gif

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If you are already experiencing bad migraine headaches, I wouldn't recommend Depo - mine increased in severity and frequency while on it. I was on it for 18 months.  Other than the migraines, I didn't have any issues with it. (I gained a bunch of weight, but that really is a secondary concern) It isn't something I'd recommend long term, I've read in several places that it can cause irreversible bone loss if used for more than 2 years. So if  you really are done, I think I'd do the tubal; they can do that in office with Essure.


Is your husband willing to go the vasectomy route? if avoiding pregnancy is the main reason and you really are done, that is likely the way to go with the least amount of complications.

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Yes DH and I have thought about the big V, which still could be a good choice for us. We're a bit short on money at the time due to DH losing his job- so I guess thats why I was thinking alot about depo..not thats its cheap, but I know it works. ( Our offices here charge 75$ for docs visit, 30$ for a pap and 85$ for the shot. )


I do expeirence migrane headaches with auras- but not very often.  This only happens maybe once every month or so (thank goodness! ) but i really would hate for them to become a constant event. When mine do occur, they come with stroke-like symptoms, such as slurred speech and confusion-but no pain. The first time I had one myself, i actually thought I was having a stroke.


I am concerned about the weight gain. Last time i used it, I do rememver gaining weight but not very much at all. And i have heard about the boneloss thing as well, I asked a doc, and it is true. Scary. If i choose to go with the shot again, I will be taking calcium pills before, during and after as well as not staying on the short for long.


Well, thanks alot of your advice. I have alot to think about ( DH and i both ).

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PS: I was just researching Essure last night, and it sounds pretty cool. Im going to keep doing my homework and see what else I can find.


Has anyone else tried Essure?  If you have- tell me your story!

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