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Weaning Sickness

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So i can't exactly find the right place to post this since i am somewhat weaning my 16 month-old and it's not child-led... unfortunately. I will try to post it here and in TTC. Anyways, i have weaned my son over the last week and a half to one feeding a day. Usually around noon. Since then i have been terribly sick. Like not a bug. But nauseous, sore, tired, having terrible headaches, etc. It's literally how i feel pregnant but i am SURE i am not pregnant (temps are low, negative test, and period a week ago). 


Anyways, has this ever happened to anyone? Is this normal? Is it because i cut him from 4 nursing to 1 so quickly? I feel terrible terrible! Also, my baseline seems to have dropped from 97.8 to 97.3. Is this normal? Any ideas would help! Thank you!

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Could it be plugged ducts or a low level infection?  Plugged ducts (and eventually mastitis) can feel like the flu at first and a sudden reduction in breastfeeding could certainly cause that!  Kellymom has info and possible symptoms: http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/mom/mastitis.html


Also, if you're not happy about weaning, could some of this be due to emotional upset and changes in your normal routine?  If you can wean more slowly, would you feel more comfortable with the choice and perhaps, by extension, be more comfortable physically?  If your little one is pushing back on this and making life more stressful, or you're feeling unhappy about it and just generally bummed out about it, that could certainly be affecting your health in general.


Hope you feel better soon!

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