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Six months and still no sleep for me

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I need to vent and fish for ideas.  I know the end all be all of parenting is not getting your baby to sleep through the night but my twins are wearing me out.  They were sleeping through the night around 2-3 months old and then around 4 months the night waking to eat every two hours started again.  I thought it was just a growth spurt and perservered but they are about to be six months!  I have to admit I am getting very tempted to night wean them and by that I mean let them cry it out either on me with no nursing or in their crib with me near by. 


Has anyone got any ideas?  I have tried rocking or bouncing/shhing them instead but they very loudly let me know that is not going to do.  They are boob babies!  I had such problems getting them to nurse in the begining and keeping my milk I feel guilty for taking this away but I have two other sons and a husband who are all getting neglected.  Here is a pic, as you can see they are well fed!


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I forgot to mention that they are getting up every two hours and sometimes like last night, every hour.  They are teething but I don't think it bothers them that much.

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This was the same point that I was about ready to have a breakdown.  My twins were EBF also and from 4-6 months started waking up every 1-2 hrs and only wanted to nurse.   They were HUNGRY.   What I did was start solids 2 times a day.   Id nurse and then do solids immediately after to help maintain supply.  I let them eat as much as they wanted.  It helped us a lot.... they started sleeping longer stretches.  We don't have allergies and they were into it.   I did do solids faster with them than with my older DD but something had to give.   

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I started solids last week and they took to it really well.I was only doing some at dinner but maybe I will add in some more sooner.  Thanks for the help, sometimes it helps to just know someone else went through this too!  we are getting another crib this weekend so maybe that will help too.  they are big enough to be bumping into each other.  They seem to sleep better when one is in the bed with me and one in the crib.  Funny enough, the one in the crib sleeps better!

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Hmmm, well my DDs followed similiar pattern as yours and I found that we needed some supplementing with another food source, be it solids or formula.  It seems like at 6 mths they really need their own sleep space.  They just move around too much. 

I would discourage the night weaning, it may make things worse.  There's some great suggestions in the book "No Cry Sleep Solution". 

It's hard being so sleep deprived!  I have talked to so many twin moms whose children have grown out of the baby stage and they say they can't hardly remember that first year after they were born.  Unfortunately it seems to be par for the course to get little or no sleep most of the time.

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