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Not feeling much of anything...

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I'm five weeks today going by d.o.c and still haven't felt too much that couldn't be attributed to anything else.  I'm tired and have very mild nausea for about thirty seconds at a time.  Mood swings, etc.  Even though this is my third, it's all so surreal since we weren't planning it this time around.  I KNOW in my head (and going by previous pregnancies) that it's normal to not feel anything yet and I will probably start being sick around 6 weeks.  BUT I still need reassurance...anyone else going through the same thing? 

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Hi Saffrongirl - I'm five weeks as welll (I think)! thumbsup.gif


I'm not feeling much in terms of what I'd call pregnancy symptoms (no morning sickness, no nausea).  And, sure, all the little things I do feel could be easily attributed to something else. But in my head I don't discount them because I know at least some of them are occurring because I'm pregnant.


So, I guess I would say, you're right in that your symptoms as they stand alone might not seem overtly pregnancy-related, but just because you can attribute them to something else, doesn't mean they aren't pregnancy related. Know what I mean? You may also be going through the surreality of everything and the link hasn't quite happened where you equate your body responses with a new baby. (For what it's worth, the things you listed sound pretty pregnancy-related to me!)


The ONLY thing that is real constant for me is the breast tenderness. Whenever I forget I'm pregnant, I "cup" myself and remember. orngbiggrin.gif


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Congrats and welcome.  I do not believe I felt anything that I couldn't be explained away except the over the top pure bliss from the BFP at that time in pregnancy.  

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My first pregnancy I didn't feel anything until 6 weeks. I wasn't planning on pregnancy that time and so I wasn't aware or focused on every little thing. Until I had a moment in a restaurant with dh where I suddenly felt very pukey. Took a test later and it was positive. Started feeling symptoms shortly after that.

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Thanks everyone.  I think you're right that by the time I'm into my sixth week, I'm going to be singing a different song.  

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