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Postpartum Prefolds Reused on Baby?

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I plan on using prefolds for my postpartum bleeding and I already have a bunch of them for the new baby.

I feel like it's fine, but I'm wondering if it's okay to use the prefolds on the baby after I've used them for my bleeding?

I really don't want to buy more prefolds just for postpartum purposes. It's wasteful and means I have to spend more money.

Thanks so much for any advice. :)

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why not? soak them in hydrogen peroxide before washing to be extra cautious.  Where did that baby just come from anyway? wink1.gif

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No need to soak them in peroxide - just add peroxide to your wash.  I washed all my pp pads, towels, everything with peroxide, and not a speck of blood was left on anything (after a HB). 


I don't have any qualms about it - I regularly use pfs to mop up spills on the floor, vomit, blow my nose, whatever needs doing.  Wash them and right back to diapers they go.  A little blood between mother and child doesn't concern me in the slightest. 

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i sure hope it is okay because that's what I did:) I used prefolds as 'doublers' for my mama cloth the first three days. i also had a hossy birth and confused the heck out of my postpartum nurse when she went to check for soaked pads in the trash...

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