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This is SO beautiful :)

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That brought tears to my eyes! What an awesome idea.
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I've seen that before....so touching!
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Thanks for sharing that.
There are tears running down my face it was so beuatiful.
DS is sitting on my lap. We just watched it for the second time because he said, "again, see baby again" when it was over.
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Tears here, too...

Even my dh came right over to ooh and ahh and as it ended said, "We need another one..."

Thank you so much for sharing that!!!
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the babylust that that site induces is incredibly powerful!
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Tears! Wow!
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My 3 yo requests this video every morning now....we just watched it for the 10th time this week!!!!!

When it ends, she reaches over and gives me a big kiss on the lips and says "that was so nice."
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simply beautiful! I've never seen a video birth story like this! And the look of amazment and love in the siblings faces, priceless!!
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I got this link last week from a homebirth yahoogroup... I think it is beautiful! I sent the link to some friends (most of whom give birth at the hospital) and they all said it was great.
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ohmigoodness. this is so beautiful. i'm crying. this is the childbirth i imagined and dreamed and wanted. what a beautiful way to memorialize this little guy's entry.
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Oh wow. I cried through that whole thing.

My husband wants another baby and if he wasn't sleeping right now he might have just got his wish.

I am still debating I have 3 healthy babies under 3 years old right now. But I think I can make room for 4. After watching that who wouldn't.

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wow, that was awesome! I'm teary and overjoyed. Thanks for sharing it!
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Totally beautiful.......I replayed it for dh and for ds........he says "baybeeeee?"
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That was great! And it's really getting around too, my midwife just emailed a link of it to me too

I showed Dh yesterday and he was impressed too...of course I had to play it for DD about 10 times! Hope she shows the same interest in her siblings birth!
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