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Overwhelmed thinking of baby + toddler!

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I have a two year old (and a six year old).  We had a very hard first year with the two year old - she didn't sleep regularly and even now rarely sleeps through the night.  Now when she wakes up in the night she just wants another cup of milk and then usually goes back to sleep.  Last night, however, she woke up and wanted her milk but then had trouble getting back to sleep.  It took about two hours of me going in to her room on and off before she got back to sleep.  In an hour it was time to wake up and get my older dd to school.  Thinking about this is getting me a bit panicky.  When the baby is born, my two year old will be almost three but I'm not banking on her being a suddenly awesome sleeper.  How do people survive the nights with two kids needing them on and off all night??  And what if the unholy trifecta occurs and ALL THREE kids need me in the night?!  How do you function? 



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Your concerns sound totally normal.  You will get through it.  I grew up in a busy household where we were all close in age and it was so much fun.  I don't know how parents do it, or how my own parents did, but somehow they did and I am sure you can too.  

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Jeez your title resonates with me.  I have a two year old, a 10month old, and just found out we are expecting number three.  While I've always wanted three I was really hoping to have a little more time to prepare.  This pregnancy is welcomed but not exactly planned so I am trying to wrap my brain around having three very little people to take care of. 

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I have seriously been considering buying the toddler sleepytime mp3 from the Hypnobabies website. I can't justify the expense yet, but it might happen. I really think it could help lead to a great sleepy routine for my girl, especially now that we're trying to move away from nursing to sleep.

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Yep, right there with ya.  Some days I'm very zen about it - "there's nothing to be done about it so we will just make it work."  Other times I feel like my head will explode.

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In some ways, it's good that I nanny for my niece, because it's given me some experience with what's to come-- I've been watching her since she was 4 weeks old and she's 5 months now. Of course, it will be 24/7 come August, but the good things are that a) my girl loves babies and dotes on them, and b) she'll be older and more communicative than she is now. 


Cute Cece and babies story-- we were at a friend's house with Addie (my niece), and the minute we got there, Cecilia made a beeline for her little friend's room to play with her exciting toys. A few minutes later, Addie started to cry. Cecilia came running out from the friend's room, dropped the toys in her hand, and came over to us. She grabbed Addie's blanket and gave it to her, then her paci, then her bottle. She was very concerned for Addie's well-being. My sweet nurturer. She wants to be a big sister pretty badly! love.gif

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Yeah, I am right there with you. I had a heck of a time getting my 4 yr old DD and 16 month old DS down to bed tonight - and it was only the younger one who was giving me trouble! He just could not wait for me to finish reading DD's story, and was either ripping things off her shelves, or crawling up on things, and falling off, or trying to pull stuffed animals out of his sister's hands, or climbing/bodyslamming on me. I would have put him down first, except I knew he would take 45 mins+ to go down, which would be too late for DD to go to bed. Eek. So, there was a lot of screaming and fussing involved, and poor DD kept saying "I can't hear the story, mommy" etc. 


And then I am thinking.... compared to life in 9ish months, this is going to be EASY. Like ninetales, I am usually pretty zen thinking about it... I mean, plenty of people have 3 kids, they deal, right? But then other times, I start to totally freak out, because I can't imagine how difficult this will be!!! DH travels a lot for work, so there will be days/weeks at a time that I will be doing all this on my own. I think bedtime really stresses me the most, because its after a long day, long evening, and right when I am about ready to lose it anyway, and I know that even after I have the kids down, I still have work to do! 

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