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feels like the first trimester again- anyone else?

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i've had a hard time eating lately- nothing sounds edible these days.  i'm spooning it in, trying to keep my calories and good nutrients coming, but it's growing tougher by the day.  this morning, i threw up my daily protein shake.  it just feels like the first trimester all over again.  i've never had this feeling in the third trimester- i'm hoping it's just really bad heartburn, but geez, i just hate food right now, and i don't like that at all.  i wanna eat. crap.gif


anybody feel me?

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I feel you.

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Yep. For me, I'm back to snacking whenever I can...right now, cold stuff works best...chilled apple slices are the best right now...at least we can take comfort in the fact that we're close to the end rather than just starting out...

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Yep. I am not feeling real super now days. I will think I am hungry, eat a few bites of whatever and then feel nauseated and horrible. Nothing really sounds good and I am completely uninspired when it comes to food.

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I feel you. grossedout.gif

Also crazy tired ALL THE TIME...

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I'm definitely eating...a lot! I'm hungry all the time....but like the first trimester, I'm exhausted....so so tired! 

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Yeah, I feel that way too! I had amazing pregnancy so far.  I have such a bad heartburn that I can't eat most food.  I feel bloated, so much pressure, and much less energetic.  greensad.gif  Now I understand what many women go through during first trimester. 

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I just posted about feeling nauseous in the December birth chat. Funny I didn't see this until now.. 


I've been SUPER nauseous today. I'm not as hungry as usual, but still eating, and then feeling sick afterward. Sweats, acid reflux, heartburn, & indigestion are not helping either. I usually start throwing up as labor begins, but it's still pretty early for that since my due date is Jan 11. It definitely feels like morning sickness.

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I am definitely having food issues, too.  For me, it is not really morning sickness-like... not nausea.... just a complete lack of appetite.  Nothing looks decent enough to eat, except unfortunately the rest of my family baby shower cake....  It is a huge struggle to get anything healthy in my stomach.  I had a period of feeling a bit of nausea around 30 weeks or so (I'm 35 now) and I think the baby was pressing a ton on my stomach.  Every time I would eat I would just feel awful.  Maybe the baby has dropped a bit or who knows..... maybe I'm just not eating enough to make myself feel sick!

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wow, I thought I was all good but as of 4 o'clock yesterday, I've been having pretty significant nausea. No retching or vomiting but anytime I eat, I get nauseous within 20 minutes or so. I'm going to try eating a natural candy cane to see if the peppermint helps a bit. I also had cramps this morning...I'm thinking I'm pretty close! I guessed he would be born around Dec 21st and I might actually be right on!

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I puked a lot this morning.  It started when I was flushing my sinuses with my Neti b/c I have a raging sinus infection....but then the puking wouldn't stop.  I've also had some acid reflux which makes me nauseous.  I am pretty miserable right now and overwhelmed with getting everything ready for Christmas!

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I've been dealing with nausea and bloating. Lack of appetite to, ugh. While I'm ready to be done though, I at least want to make it past 38 weeks!
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